Sunday, 3 November 2013

A day to celebrate, Gigi !

Selamat Hari Jadi, Gigi Lin !

It's been so long since i went out with a gang of people! ! Had such a wonderful and awesome time with these crazy people ! :DD 
Such a great start for my November ! Hopefully to update more happy happy moments on my blog  :D
This post is dedicated to my sweet little Gigi Lin, (who is not so little anymore ! )
She's turning 18 this year. Getting prettier and sexier each time we meet..

We had our dinner celebration at TujoBar-sserie & Grill. ( Finally some atas food !  XD )
It's my first time going to this place, really love the interior of the restaurant , very cozy and romantic. 
& the unique thing about this place, is that, they will ask everyone in the restaurant to sing along to the Birthday song. So it feels like everyone is celebrating with you. How cool is that.. 

with these beautiful ladies. <3

There were a mixture of different groups of people who came..
Mostly people from my secondary school and others i know from college..
I was able to catch up with some of my juniors, they all look so different. haha ! Couldn't recognize some of them.. All look so mature, making me feel so old. T.T !
Everyone who came was very friendly and talkative, so there weren't much awkwardness.. ( Thank goodness ! hahaha XD! )

These are the amount of selfshots i took with others ! hahha !
( have to change my facial expression, look the same in every picture. LOL! )

& of cause a shot with The birthday girl with her cake !

Clock struck Midnight, and another birthday song was sung..
♪♫♪♫  Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Gigi  ♪♫♪♫

OOTD shots featuring...
Mr. JamJien.. 
Go check out his Blog :

Ever so stylish Mr. Reeze Chew

Hotness Ms. Mickey Phan
(I think she want laugh ady.. haha. Awkward? holding my hands ?  HAHA! )

Do let me know if you prefer seeing My outfit post with others..  haha
Then I can find a OOTD partner ! :D

That's all <3  
Until next time...  Have a great November everyone !

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