Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC)

Ohhhh, another post for tonight. Marathon blogging tonight. haha.. Well, I just wanted to update some of my outings ! Well, If you follow me on instagram (If you haven't, GO FOLLOW... please ~ hehe ) you would know that i came to Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC). see, if you follow me than you would know.. haha ( promoting my insta !! XD)

Have been so busy with my work and blogging and going to AWESOME events by The Butterfly Projects, finally found a free day to spent it with my babe, Rachel ! Like really FINALLY ! We have been planning and planning but it hardly works out cause we end up being caught up with our own things.. Cause now she's already happily coupled, with her sweet sweet bf.. haha. (leaving me always in a light bulb situation ! HAHA!~) So always got date, can't always kacau her ady.. hahaha~
& on top of that she's going to start her new job. So in a way this was a mini celebration ! :DD

See her happy face ! haha... We were actually suppose to go Dip'n dip in bangsar. But then half way, we decided to try Acme instead. So we waze the place, and surprisingly it was super easy to find. Later at the end i will leave the address, just copy paste into your waze and it will bring you there ! It's actually really nearby KLCC.. 

I'm really excited blogging about this place, cause i hardly go to high class (atas) places to enjoy de.. haha ! (mostly because no time, and no money T.T) But this are the days that i really look forward, to come out and enjoy good food and good company ! It's when you can release some stress, and i can really be myself in front of her. :DD 


there have double story.. :D

The interior of the toilet is super classy and really have that english feel.. 
(but le... sorry to say this, the toilet smell was quite strong ! I think they need clean it more often or put charcoal.. HAHA! )


They actually serve breakfast until 5:00pm.. So no worries, for those sleepy heads, still can get breakfast all the way until 5pm ! ! ;D

I ordered their Salad. I totally forgot what is this called.. (I'm so sorry! will rmb the next time ~) But it was filled with yummeh avocado, grilled chicken and they even topped it with pomegranate ! Really love it ~  

Rachel ordered the Breakfast set. That comes with 2 eggs, hash brown (which is under the eggs), and bacon bits.. She let me try some of her's, it's really nice. hehe.. 

The ambiance of the restaurant was really nice, relaxing and really peaceful.. (i guess it's because it's in the middle of the city, people would like to come somewhere to relax and have good food.. ) It's really a suitable place, if you want to have a nice chit chat session.. which was what we did.. :)


This is like the best part of the whole post ! Actually i was just looking forward to try their brownie that everyone have been checking in with and uploading on insta ! So right after we finished our main course, we quickly ordered their famous chocolate with ice cream brownie..  which was crazily YUMMMMMY!!!

They were actually pouring in some chocolate sauce.. to create the steaming effect ! 

Super yummy brownie ! It's so moist and it wasn't overly sweet. The sweetness of the chocolate was just nice. TWO TUMBS UP for this !

There are also assorted meringues available too.. :)

Really enjoyed myself going out with my dearest RACHEL. She just started working. I really wish her all the best, and jia you~ in whatever she do. 
Thanks for everything, babe !
Must do this more often.. : D

Acme Bar & Coffee
Address :
The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50540, Kuala Lumpur, 
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Call for reservation :

Bussiness Hours
Mon-Thurs 11a.m - 12a.m
Fri 11a.m - 1a.m
Sat 9,.30a.m - 1a.m
Sun 9.30a.m - 5p.m

That's all, It's time to sleep now. Good nights.. <3

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