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HELLO HELLO EVERYONE ! ! It's going to be December already, one of the busiest time of the year. Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. I'm sure everyone has planned out nicely their schedule.
Well, I've not. I'm still planning my new year and Christmas plans.. Hopefully this year will end smoothly ~

I really hope you're reading this blog post ! Cause it's one of those blog post that you are getting rewarded at the end of it ! Please do continue reading if you're a CONTACT LENS user or first timers who would like to try out colour contacts ! :D
Previously i did a post for GlassesOnline which is only discount voucher. But this time around, cause you guys are so freaking fabulous ! (Pls give me you *flip hair meme! haha.. if there is one.)
ADORE™ is giving out 2 FREE PAIRS of COLOUR CONTACTS to my readers !! (O.O ! yes, I no joke you !) PLEASE , FIREWORKS ! CELEBRATE CELEBRATE ! Hope you guys are excited..

ADORE is introducing their latest series call the MACTTALIC !
The MACTTALIC cosmetic & beauty contact lens series, is uniquely designed to breathe new excitement into your style & make you stand out. With 5 vibrant colours for you to choose from, that will give you bigger eyes and it's also easier to let your eyes do the talking ... :D 

The packaging is really cool and unique cause it actually comes in a black little box (very mysterious !).. and because it's black it look really classy & elegant ! This is my first time seeing such a nice packaging for contact lens..
I personally prefer opening packed contact lens compare to bottle ones.. cause i always end up cutting my fingers on the bottle cap while opening it. So in a way it's a safer choice as well choosing ADORE™! haha...

I guess many people are very reluctant to try colour contacts, cause it colour might look weird or not suitable, but not to worry ADORE™ MACTTALIC is actually quite natural , despite them having so many wild colours.


I match my green contact lens with a light green eye shadow with black eyeliner ...

Not bad , right ? 
(I really love this green colour ! It's natural and it's not super obvious ! LOVE IT ! <3)

Since my eyes have already caught people's attention, I'm just wearing a very simple black maxi dress together with a bright pink cardigan. (& of cause my bright pink birke ~


Amethyst is actually purple colour for those of you who are not sure.. its a shade of purple. 

Similarly with the green, I match it with pink eye shadow.. cause cannot be too purple right.. or not looks abit weird  (I tried ! XD) hahahhaha..

This is my first time trying purple colour.. It's really unique and the colour is really obvious. So if you want something more outstanding you should differently get this. :D

Matching my Amethyst colour lens with a blue & purple shade dress which i got from BKK ! (Yes, until now i also belum finish wearing my clothes i bought from BKK ! hahhaha! Still got alot le..)

As for the comfort of the lens, I will definitely give it a A+. Cause it's really comfortable and it doesn't dry up so fast compare with my black lens.  ADORE™ MACTTALIC contains up to 55% water content allowing you to have comfort all day !! Not only that it also protects your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays ! 
It's 14.5mm in diameter and 8.6mm base curve. 

 ADORE™ MACTTALIC comes in 5 different type of colours..
// Light Green, Grey, Hazel, Light Blue & Amethyst //


It's actually quite simple, there are just few simple task for you to do and then you will stand a chance to win 2 pair of colour contacts ! HOW AWESOME IS THAT ! YAYYYYYY~
You will just need to :

  • Go on to their Facebook PageADORE™ MACTTALIC and LIKE their page
  • Leave a comment at the end of this post and say: "Why do you want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens?" including your name and email address.
  • The Lucky winner will be notify on the 31st Dec 2013

So Simple, right? So good luck, really hope you all are excited for this GIVEAWAY ! It's my second giveaway on my blog. :)


ADORE™ is actually also having a HELLO KITTY promotion ! O.O ! Are you a HELLO KITTY Lover? haha...
With any purchase of 2 pair of ADORE™ MACTTALIC @ RM90, you will receive FREE ONE HELLO KITTY EAU DE TOILETTE (5ml) ! This promotion starts on the 25th of November. 
Every week they will be giving out different colour of HELLO KITTY PERFUME (Red, Blue, Purple, Green & Pink).

ADORE™ MACTTALIC is only available at Focus Point. 
So don't missed out on your chance to grab a cute HELLO KITTY perfume. :)

RAWWWWRRR ! Green matches with my braces colour too.. hehe..
That's all for this post ! :D

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