Friday, 1 November 2013

Dare to Wax @ Bubble Gum Wax !

Every terrifying experience, starts with a terrifying expression  ! haha..
(Are you terrified ?)

Gave my virginity of waxing to Bubble Gum Wax, Plaza Damas !  haha .. 
Before this party, I didn't really gave it much thought. I kept thinking that it won't be very painful, (since i've done body piercing before ! ) So I wasn't mentally prepared for what's to come next !  HAHAHAHA!
Trying to scare you guys.. XD  

 This Pink Ice Cream Party was organized by The Butterfly Projects ! Thank you so much for inviting me *wink wink !
I guess they decided to made it a Ice Cream party, cause after you sudah sakit sakit keluar boleh makan Ice Cream ! hahha ! To cool your body down XD...

For those who is still wondering what is this Waxing party all about?
Well, The Butterfly Projects dared all their butterflies (bloggers) to have their lawn mow !  hahaha.. In other words, to do Brazilian Wax ! (*If you're not sure what is Brazilian Wax, is Waxing your huuuhaaa ! HAHA !)
Typing this out is also making me feel a bit awkward ! (embarrassed face !) hehe...

Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert™ which is located at Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas. They are specialized in doing waxing & hair-removal for any part of your body ! Bubble Bum Wax's team are all trained & qualified therapists. ( so not to worry, you are in good hands :D  )

To Kick start the Party, there had people from The Butterfly Projects & Bubble Gum Wax to explain to us about Brazilian Waxing.

They explain to us the procedure of the Waxing and also their products, how & when to use their products.
It's like skin care for your V... HAHA ! (*cannot stop laughing.. LMAO )
There were many bloggers who were asking whether is it going to be pain ? ? People from Bubble Gum Wax, just answered, " The pain is bearable.. "
I was still keeping my cool .. in my mind I was like " cheh, bearable ?  aiya, should be okay de la. "  hahahhaha
Moment of truth is about to come, wait for it... O.O !

Since there were quite a number of bloggers and only 3 therapist, we had to take turns to do our Waxing.
While waiting for the others to Wax, we are suppose to mingle, eat and decorate our Shoe Box into a Gift Box.
I was quite lonely at first, cause i was suppose to come with my sister. But she had to fly to outstation.. She left me all alone T.T !
But people from the Butterfly Projects are really friendly, and I was really surprise and gam dong that they remembered my name ... haha. (* My name is easily forgotten, I'm use to it ady.. haha! )

My ootd !
(Sister is not around to take my ootd, so this will do. )

W/ Sarah 

So cute right these home-made biscuits ! 

How can you not take a picture with a Vaginal looking biscuit ! XD

Ice Cream w/ yummmmmehhh Toppings ! :DDD

Filing up my tummy while waiting :)

A Selfie with my ice cream .. haha

More selfies before my turn.. (Still "no" feel yet.. haha !)

The moment of truth is finally here (Or shall i say the moment of dare is here? haha)..  The room is really nice and it gives a calm and relaxing feeling, to make it easier to endure the WAXING ! O.O !
Before starting, the therapist will ask you to remove everything below your navel, and wrap yourself with a towel which will be provided. :)

So here's my experience while Waxing... *drum roll.... haha
I was really lucky to be able to get a Friendly & talkative therapist, which was really helpful.. she distracted me from most of the pain !
Cause I have never done Brazilian Waxing before. So, while my therapist was waiting for the wax to heat up, she explained to me the procedures and that she was going to use both Soft & Hard Wax.. 
Soft Wax is basically for more finer hair and Hard Wax is to remove more thicker hair.. 
& I'm sorry to say that both are equally painful.. (*ouch !) but it's definitely bearable..
Why was it so painful for me ? cause I had that mind set that it was not painful, so i didn't expect for the worst ! ! That's why even my therapist was also telling me, it's always good to have a mind set that it's gonna be very painful ! so that when the real thing happens it's not so bad.. 
Because i didn't had that initial mind set.. when she did the first wax off, OMG , i was in SHOCK ! O.O
But after a few time, it wasn't so bad. I guess the most painful part will be the TOP part of you V ! XD...
If you're thinking of doing a Brazilian Wax, my advise to you : PLEASE BE MENTALLY PREPARED ! !   hahaha.. 
Surprisingly, it's not pain after the Waxing. :D  I FEEL LIKE A FREE WOMAN ! Wooooohooooo! haha..
I will definitely come back for second round and to wax other parts of my body.. :D

My happy face with Joyce (the person who took my virginity ! XD)

Group picture :)

Once everyone is done with their Waxing, it was time to announce the winners of the best decorated Gift Box. Obviously i didn't win , hahaha.. I was too caught up with taking pictures.. I totally forgot about the contest ! only at the last min I started to decorate it... HAHA ! But it's okay.. cause Bubble Gum gave so much products & voucher for us to use ! I'm already a happy & hairless girl !  hahahhaha...

Price list 


Here are Bubble Gum Wax details :

F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas.
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480, K.L.

Working Hours : 
Mon - Fri : 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sat - Sun : 11:00am - 6:00pm

Please contact :
03-62115038 to make appointment or if any inquires please email

Don't forget to Like their Facebook page : Bubble Gum Wax
Because now Bubble Gum is allowing everyone to experience a Brazilian Wax at only RM28 !

Feeling free and airy now X)
Enjoy your Waxing experience with Bubble Gum. I know I did ! :D

Until next time ! 

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