Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Join the Fight with Neubodi !

Hello, I was at Neubodi Shop in 1 Utama. 
This isn't just any event, being able to attend this awareness event together with my sister, has given us both a better understanding of our boobs (which i sometimes neglect ! T.T !  That's why so small ... )
Normally nowadays, most girls (*like me ) spend most of our money on nice clothes and accessories and forget to buy a proper bra.. which is suppose to be the most important piece of our outfit.  
Because by wearing a proper bra, it gives you that extra confidence and a better figure..
Before this,didn't know that wearing a wrong bra size will also affect your posture !

I will quote this : " A bra is not just a piece of cloth that covers your breast . " by Ms Estee Ong, Bra Fitting Specialist & General Manager of Neubodi. 

Why is Neubodi's Innerwear so special ? 
Because Neubodi's bra-fitting professionals /specialist place their, priority to provide a personalized fitting solution for all ladies. Not only that, they will also educate you the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra and the concept of proper brassiere care. 
That's why Neubodi is so special, they are helping all women to find the right bra  !  :)

My sweater and hair band is suppose to be bright pink, 
But not sure why my camera take until Orange. T.T

It's the pink month, Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association are collaborating to Fight against Human Trafficking. This campaign is mainly to explain how one woman's old bra can put food on another woman's table
So this campaign, Neubodi is actually encouraging all Malaysian women to donate their old bra into their Bra Bin located in any of Neubodi's outlet. 
So far it's been overflowed with kindness ! :DD  (*YAYYYYY)

During this event, they even had a session where they shared real life stories how people fight against Breast Cancer. 
They even had models to modelled their inner wear and to act out these ladies experiences during the fight against Cancer.

So nice right all Nuebodi's Inner wear 
(Hot models !  haha.. *nose bleeding )

All these real life stories really made me realise that anyone around me (*or even myself) could actually be a victim of breast cancer. 
So to all ladies, do a daily self examination on your boobs to check for any lumps (* if you're not sure on how to do a self examination, please do visit a Nuebodi and ask their Bra Specialist.) Ladies, please stop being ignorant about Breast cancer ! Cancer is not something you should take lightly. 

So many different types of bra to choose from ! :D

Because it was a short event, Neubodi prepared us some snacks ! :D  Yummmmyyy ~

Celebrity group photo ! 
(* sorry to say this, I only recognized Amber Chia ! I don't have enough exposure lah.. :( )

My OOTD :)

//Sweater , Bodycon dress & shoes from h&m // cute polka dot hair band from a vendor in The Curve//

Yes, I'm repeating myself again. But My whole suit is supposed to be bright pink, but i think it's because my camera's filter made my bright pink into Orange... T.T  sad !
But I really love this cute and comfy sweater which i got from h&m. I'm a h&m fan !  :DD
Love their clothes, so stylish and reasonable ! 

That's all, folks.. :D
Hope this post gives you a better understanding or your lovely boobies ! *wink

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