Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1

More Happy & delicious moment to update ! :D  Had another awesome dinner date with a new group of ladies.. Haha.. Feel like I'm a food blogger ady ! XD... NOM NOM NOM, everyone needs food right, so I'm sure you will LOVE this post. Especially for those who love to eat dessert !

All of us were busy during our weekend, so we decided to make it a dinner date on a weekday.. After deciding the the date, now the hardest part is "WHERE TO EAT?"  haha.. It already becomes a standard question !  Thank god, my sister sloop in to save everyone the "awkward" pause in the conversation, She suggested to come to The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village 1. :)
Their actually really famous for their burgers.. and also their really unique dessert ! ! :DD
We were suppose to meet at 8pm, but as usual we were late.. T.T (It's actually my new year's resolution to be PUNCTUAL !)  so no more being late business ! How nice if there was a rehab for being late ! HAHA !

Before the food arrives, some photo taking session ! :D
Me with these two pretty ladies ! 
(Me, Janice, Jess)

Janice, Jess & Keryi 

W/ Kemmy 
(She's so cute laa~ haha )

If you're wondering how we know each other ?  We were actually working together at Levis event previously.. We just decided to come out to catch up with each other, cause you know working can't really talk la, (later kena supervisor SCOLD !><
Actually I have know Janice since i was 15, when i first started working for freelancing. (I know very young right, haha.. illegal age, but in my defence i don't look like 15 ~ :D) haha.. So it's been so long, but we recently only started being closer.. & it's such a small world, she also knows Chenelle ! 
Then there this Gangster, JESS ! XD ... who is our da kar jie (means big sister!)  Don't ever dare to make her unhappy, she will make your life miserable ! HAHAHAHAH!!
& Cute Kemmy, who is actually a badas*.. haha. Found out she did a tattoo inside her lips area ! O.O  I was so shock when she showed me. I can imagine how painful it is la, having ulcer is already so freaking pain ! 

Main Course

 Garlic Chicken Salad ! 
Garlic butter tossed Chicken Strips W/ toasted almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, Cannellini beans, Croutons & rosted garlic dressed mixed greens

I personally love eating salad, and sometimes it's really hard finding nice salad. Some people might think it's just raw vege with salad dressing, It's not ! Need skill to do a decent salad.. This one, everything was really nice but the sun-dried tomatoes were a little too salty.. But the cannellini beans are super YUMMY !

G'day Burger (haha, what a cute name !)
Classic Aussie Burger of juicy beef patty (But we ordered chicken instead cause Kemmy doesn't eat beef or lamb.. ), roasted beetroot, melted cheddar, sliced pineapple & a fried egg.

 This burger is to die for.. the patty is so compact and juicy. Yummy ! 

 Seafood Spaghetti
Fresh Seafood spaghetti cooked in white wine & Garlic broth
(slurpppppppp ~)

O'Mega! Salmon 
Healthy pan seared salmon steak with a light & yummy sundried tomato sauce & a good dose of sauteed veges

very unique way of topping seared salmon, It was surprisingly really GOOD ! the sundried tomato sauce give it a little "kick" in the flavour ! :D


Salty Caramel Chocolate Cake 

OMG ! the chocolate on this cake is super thick and the cake is so moist ! Best combination for chocolate cake. But can't eat it all alone, must share, or not too *gilat.. 

& here comes the STAR of tonight !

DOLLY Pancake Stack 
Chocolate chip pancake with grilled bananas, peanut butter, almond praline & chocolate sauce ! O.O

Isn't it so unique, so creative that they use a barbie to stack up all the pancakes.. haha ! But when you look at it long enough it's actually quite SCARY~ HAHA! 
I hardly eat pancake (haha, cause i consider it to be a *guai luo breakfast), but this fluffy pancake with chocolate & bananas is SUPER ADDICTIVE!  Me and janice, kept on eating & eating. when we both knew that we were extremely full ! while everyone was talking both of us just kept on eating and eating.. hahahhaa! But Jess didn't wanted to eat, she only took one piece of the banana... She said after she eat her face will become " BREAD FACE !"  HAHAHAH!!  LOL! Super funny la... 
You definitely must try this pancake when you come to Daily Grind ! ! Not only to feed your camera & also yourself ! HAHA! 

LOL ! My sister's EVIL Laugh when she pluck out the barbie ! HAHAHAH! 

A group picture
(I know my face like very awkward, cause i only had 3 secs to run back to pose for the camera! I forgot how to set it to 10 secs ! *feeling so very stupid.. hahahahah!)

Had such a wonderful time with all these crazy ladies.. and also eating so YUMMY.. and rich food~  Omg, need to start be serious with my workout and diet ady, having so much cheat meals lately! I'm feeling so guilty ! Must achieve my goal before the year end ! ! 

The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village 1 :
Address : 
LG 8 Lower Gorund, Bangsar Village,
1Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100,
Kuala Lumpur.

Call for reservation :

Business Hours:
11:00am - 11:00pm (Daily)


// Red Dress from TimeSquare // Black heels from H&M //

This is actually a really old dress, i ootd with it once.. Not sure you guys remembered. haha. But now I'm matching it with my suede black heels that i got from H&M.. Really love it, I was actually looking high and low for a simple black heels.. I went to so many places also can't find or is too expensive..  Then when i saw there were selling it at H&M for only Rm79.90 ! I quickly GRAB ! don't need think ady .. haha..

My friend saw this picture i uploaded on insta, he keep commenting.. *you know you shouldn't use a direct flash, makes your face looks oily.. and etc, etc... hahaha.. like *grandma nagging.. (somemore it's a guy ! ! HAHA!) 

So he did a photoshop one for me ! XD ....HAHAHAHA.. teaching me how to improve myself !   I hardly edit my pictures, partly because i'm a super lazy person.. and i also don't want other people to see me in real life and say " WAH, kerchi looks so different in real life ! " that's why i need be ORIGINAL ma ~ HAHA!  *but thanks anyway for editing it... >< 

That's all for now.. :D Signing off with a Naked Barbie..
She feels so used ! HAHAHAHAHAH! 

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