Monday, 11 November 2013

Tutorial for an almost prefect cheesecake ! haha.

 Cheesecake crave?  Bake your own lah ~

My prefect weekend just passed.. :D Despite,being extremely tired after my weekend. I had such an awesome weekend being able spend it with such amazing people. Will reveal to you later who is this special person that i baked this cake for ! *curious ?  haha.

Just so you know, even though i don't look like the baking type. I LOVE BAKING ! It's one of those hobby's that makes me happy. Especially when it turns out delicious ! *wink.. ( but when it turns out like sh*t then really very sienz de lah.. )
I've started picking up baking ever since i was 16, so through all my trials and error, came out this "almost prefect cheesecake " haha. (Yes, there is still room for improvement.. & I don't want sound like such a show off lah.. haha !) 

So these are the ingredients that you will need for the base :

 1. Digestive Biscuits 10-12pcs

  • You will only need half of it. If you can't find this biscuit, don't worry. You can always replace it with any type of biscuit similar with a short bread texture. I've even seen people, replacing Oreo as their base. You are the Chef right, so play with your ingredients !
2. Butter (Unsalted ) 6 tablespoon
  • Very important that it is unsalted. if not your base will taste slightly salty. *unless you prefer a savoury cheesecake. 
3. Sugar 1/4 cup
  • Optional. 

4. Cream Cheese 24oz 

  • 24oz is about slightly less than half of the whole packet. (Just a random tip: I bought my cream cheese for only Rm33! From a small baking shop at ss14, Subang Jaya. It's really cheap, compare to supermarket. )
5. Eggs 4

6. 1 whole Lemon Zest

7. Sour Cream 1 cup
  • Just so you know that i didn't purposely buy a low fat sour cream. That was the only sour cream ! So no choice ! haha.. Any normal sour cream will do !
8. Vanilla Essence / Extract 1 teaspoon

9. Flour 1/4 cup
  • flour is just to bind all the ingredients together. 
10. Sugar 1 cup
  • Sugar amount is really up to you. 1 cup is normally the average amount, but i only put in 1/2 cup of sugar. Don't like my cheesecake to be too sweet. 

The Biscuit Base :

1. Preheat oven to 320 degrees
2. Crush biscuits. I crushed mine in a zip-log bag. So that it doesn't make a mess, you can use a rolling pin to do the CRUSHING ! haha.. my hands were too weak.
3. Melt 6 teaspoons of butter.
4. In a bowl, space crushed biscuits, 1/4 cup of sugar and pour in the melted butter.
5. Pour biscuit mixture into a cheesecake mold, (I'm using the one that can detach the side, if you're not sure how it looks like, just scroll down will have a picture of it.) and just pad it down to create a nice firm and compact base.
6. Bake it for 8 mins.

While waiting you can start to make your cheese filling :
Top Cheesecake :
1. In a mixer, just put in all the ingredients from the second picture. & mix ! Easy , right ?! (Just a tip: Please don't over mix ! if not you will have alot of cracks on your cheesecake. ) & not to worry if you see lumps of cheese after mixing, it's normal. :D
2. Pour filling on top of the Baked biscuit mixture. 
3. Bake it for 45-50 mins. 
4. After Baking, off your oven and let the cake cool inside the oven for 30 mins before taking it out.
5. Then just leave it in the Fridge at lease 24 hours before serving or decorating.

(PS:  I actually uploaded a short clip of my baking process on my instagram : originalkerchi ! Go check it out. Follow me also ! *wink )

After baking for 45 mins.
(This is how my cake mold looks like.. )

I still had cracks on my cheesecake. But no worries, cause i'm gonna decorated it.  Decorating is really my weakness. When it comes to baking, my priority is the taste then the look. But then cause it's a birthday dinner, so presentation is quite important. & it's an opportunity for me to brush up on my decorating skills.

I know it looks a little ugly now, but it will come together. :D

I spread whip cream (freshly whipped, of cause !) at the sides of the cake and stick grated dark chocolate ! (Don't ever get those canned whip cream, it will never stay ! If you are not too sure, just go into any baking store and ask them you want whip cream for decorating cake.)
I put preserved blueberry jam for the topping. I bought it from the baking shop as well, cause i don't have time to make my own. :D hehe..  (you can actually find alot of things in a baking shop !)
Then I just top it off with the remaining whip cream and fresh berries ! :D

TADAAAAA ! My masterpiece ! :DD

I bet you're still wondering who i baked this cake for. unless you added me in Fb then you would already know. haha.. 
The birthday celebration was at Little Korea, Solaris Mont Kiara. Cause the Birthday person wanted something korean. :D  

YUMMMY , dinner !


Dessert is served !

I had such an amazing time with all these awesome people.. they all look so happy in the pictures right ! (btw, my sister was the camera women.) and i also left out amanda, didn't manage to take a photo with everyone. I guess partly I was very tired. haha.. But i really enjoy myself, surrounded with awesome people and amazing food ! Life somehow seems to be more brighter ! :D (*even though sometimes, the guy in blue always kacau me and correct my grammar !
I'm really happy that everyone was saying how good the cake was and that it look like it came from a bakery ! (giving me EGO BOOST !!) hahahahaha.. But it was such a privilege to be able to bake for Selina.. Knowing her for more than 5 years, she have given me so much laughter and happy moments in my life and i hope many more to come ~ 
She told me that, this was the first time anyone has baked her a cake for her birthday ! Hope that i made you very gam dong ~ XD

Happy birthday again , Selina ! 

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