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Zombie Makeup Tutorial x Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

BOO ! Scared ? haha.. HELLO,  Everyone ! :D  How's November so far ? I really hope that everyone is doing well and awesome !
Today, I will be blogging about my step-by-step tutorial for my Zombie Make-up I did for Allianz 1942 Halloween Event which I attended last month.
So sorry that I took so long to update this post. I was busy doing what i do best , PROCRASTINATING ! my hobby/ bad habit .. hahahaha ! have to change huh.. 
But before i start, I really want to thank you everyone that have been continuously coming to my blog, really gives me more motivation knowing people is interested in reading my blog. I really hope that you enjoy reading my blog, and if you have any feedbacks or comments, just drop it down at the end of this post! I would really appreciate it ! :DD

Finally found time to take a detailed pictures of the whole process of me doing this Zombie make-up. It's really simple and easy and best of all, low cost !!
& I'm just doing my own version with my limited make-up, Cause i don't want to over spent for just one night. So here it is..


I'm just using whatever that i had to do these look. I only bought the latex, face crayon & the fake blood. Latex, tissue, face crayon and the fake blood is the essential.  This few things will help you create a more realistic 3D effect of your wound. :DDD 

Liquid latex 
(You can actually get it at normal stationery shops, one bottle is probably about Rm4+)

Tissue roll

Liquid / Powder Foundation

Kiss me, Liquid Eye Liner.
(I'm a super loyal KissMe user ! haha.. Because it's the best eye liner i have ever used ! ;D)

Face crayon
(I got this at the Art shop inside The Gardens, but i think you can get it any art shop. I bought it Rm7+)

Home made blood
(Rachel actually bought this for me, her makeup artist made this from some edible product & coloring.. ) 

Fake blood
(Or you can always buy blood.. I didn't manage to use mine, cause i got the homemade one ! haha.. Nvm la, leave it for next year. )

KissMe Liquid liner, TopShop Red Lip liner, SilkyGirl Eye brow pen (Black), TopShop Eye Brow pencil (Brown)

Wash and apply toner on your face. Don't apply any moisturizer, cause with an oily surface it will be slightly difficult for the tissue to stick to your face. 


Apply one layer of liquid latex on your face, and one layer of tissue. Continue 2-3 layering. and leave it to dry.. (*please note, to let it dry fully ! your hands don't so itchy go and peel it when it's still wet. ) It will probably take 10-15 mins.. you can always use a fan or blow dryer to speed up the process.. ;)

Use a scissors to cut your fake skin to open a wound..  Please be careful when your doing this, don't cut your own skin !

Using a brush to apply on foundation all over your whole face.. and then use powder foundation to set your liquid foundation. It would be better to use concealer (If you have.), I don't have concealer so I'm just gonna use whatever i have.

The application won't be prefect, but it's okay. This look is not suppose to be prefect.. haha

Using the Black & Red face crayon to draw out your wound. Start with the black color, & color the inside of your wound with the darkest color.. cause the darkest should be inside your wound and then it will slowly becomes lighter.. 

My face look so tired here ~  T.T

Then using the Red crayon to just trace outside of the wound.

I continue colouring it using my TopShop eyebrow pencil (Brown) to just blend both the red and black together. Cause when blood oxides it becomes brown colour.. haha. It's like a colouring class.. the ugly the better ! XD

& just continue drawing & colouring all the way up to your nose and lips area.. so it looks more realistic. Like you have nose bleed.. 

layer it on with the red colour.. 

Then just blend both colours together..

Then i just apply on my normal make up, Eye liner and my eye brows. I don't think i need teach de la.. haha. I'm sure you all are more expert than I am.. ;D

This is the best part !! applying on the fake blood ! 

Use as much blood as you need, the more the better. Don't be with your blood.. Halloween is only once a year right ! So crazy with your blood !! 

Use your black crayon to draw two lines on your eyes (up & down), we want to create super heavy an dark circles for your eyes..

& just blend away until you create super dark eyebag !

Use the blue or green crayon to draw on lines on your face. So that it looks like you have obvious veins ! It gives that extra dead effect, don't you think so?

This step is optional. I change into my blue and grey colour contacts.. I was actually trying to get white contacts but it was sold out everywhere ! so blue and grey will just have to do.


I dressed up as a cheerleader ! haha. Want to give thanks to one of my high school friend who actually loan me her cheer-leading outfit ! :D So i didn't need to spend money on my outfit ! hahaha

Allianz 1942 Halloween Event

The Halloween event was held in Renoma Cafe, K.L. This is my first time celebrating and dressing up for Halloween ! & everyone who came was really sporty as well, cause most of the people actually came in very elaborate costumes ! Mine can't even compare with theirs. But i didn't manage to take much pictures with other people's costume, i guess i was busy munching away their delicious food that they prepared for us ! haha! (Don't judge, i came after work, so i was super hungry ! haha

Random leg in the middle of the table ! 

Thanks to my babe, Rachel. Who took time to accompany me to this event. She dressed up as red ridding hood.. (dead version !) haha. Really enjoyed myself being able to see so many creepy and awesome outfits ! Can't wait to for the next Halloween ! :DD

That's the end for this post, before i end. Please don't forget.. To thoroughly remove your make up. It's actually the most important step ! It will be very difficult for your skin to breath under so heavy make up !

Keep as souvenir ! XD

Use an oil base make up remover, it's easier to remove such heavy make up. 

Please remember to take good care of your skin ! They are really sensitive ! ;)

For this make-up, I was actually inspired by Michelle Phan with her Barbie ZombieLook :
Her tutorial is so much cooler than mine.. so much more realistic ! But this is my first Halloween and I'm actually quite happy with how it turn out even though it wasn't prefect (but zombie make-up isn't suppose to be prefect right ?! hahaha
Cause nowadays, everything is on the internet. If you don't know, just google ! DO MORE LAH ! hahaha..


Well, I hope you enjoy this tutorial ! :D
Bye.. XOXO

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