Thursday, 19 December 2013

Guess x ANTM, Butter Factory KL.

Can't remember the last time i went Clubbing. It's been ages.. Always tak ada kaki to go ! But anyways, Being invited to such a Huge event by Guess, it was such an honour ! 
We were able to party with all the HOT HOT HOT Models from American Next Top Model Cycle 20 ! 
To Celebrate this Collaboration of both Guess & American Next Top Model Cycle 20, they had this amazing party which was held at Butter Factory, K.L.

I used to be a fan of ANTM, used to always watch it on astro. But ever since my dad cut off Astro at our house i didn't manage to continue chasing their episodes.. So i didn't know that ANTM had male and female models !  O.O 
I guess in a way it's becomes more interesting, cause the competition is not only among girls.. LOVE the DRAMA ! (that's why we watch live tv series right ?  hahahhaha!)

My partner in Crime ! ;) 


To start off the party, they had the super cool and famous hip hop dance group, Elecoldxhot to preformed !  

After that, Joe Flizzow did an appearance as well ! HAVOC-ing Butter Factory ! 
(I was cheering for them so loud !  I'm a fan girl ! :D being able to see his performance close up is so SYOK ! He is such a amazing rapper, SOME MORE is MALAYSIAN , lagi more HYPER ! )

& also not forgetting DJ GOLDFISH & BLINK !

The main event for tonight, is the Catwalk by all The American Next Top Model's 5 finalist wearing Guess Holiday collection ! 
(Being able to see them up close, they look exactly like on TV !  HOT-ness OVERLOAD ! )

Had such an amazing time.. :) 
Here's a selca to end this post ! Toodles.. 

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