Monday, 23 December 2013

Holiday Look • Benefit •

Benefit with Benefit !  (get the joke ?  XD... haha Sendiri syok ) Anyways, putting my lameness aside.Will be talking about Women's Best friend , MAKE-UP ! haha.. This post is going to be ALL ABOUT MAKE-UP ! YAYYYYY~
Actually this is first time going to a make-up event ! I was so excite, some more is Benefit ! All their cosmetics packaging are so unique and comical, really love their theme ! :)

Benefit together with The Butterfly Projects, organised a Beauty Bash for bloggers at Benefits Cosmetic Boutique inside Starhill Gallery.   Basically, Benefit wants bloggers to try their products and to create our own Hoilday look for this coming Christmas. :)

Benefit Cosmetic Boutique, Starhill Gallery

Did not know that they had a own boutique for Benefit, untill NOW ! (feeling so outdated !) We were running a little late, cause we couldn't find the boutique. It was actually located on top of Sephora..
The Boutique is super cute and bubbly, with all the bright colours.. really love the deco of the whole boutique.

Benefit's product

We were told by Tammy, that we are recommend to come with the least make-up as possible. So i only drew my eye brow. Cause i look extremely sleepy with out my eye liner..
So the event started of with the explanation of all their Benefit's skin care and make-up products. While explaining one of the make-up Experts, did a demonstration on how to apply their make-up to create a prefect, fast and easy Hoilday look !

Sabby with her before and after look..

In a matter of minutes, you can already see the difference ! Even though the make-up seems very complicated, but it's really simple and it only requires a few steps and products.

They have so many products for us to use to create our own holiday make-up. They gave us a challenge for all the bloggers to create and complete a holiday look for ourselves and post it on our instragram with our before and after look..  OMG, immediately after they announce, everyone was running around grabbing whatever make-up they needed. haha ! It was like those live tv series.. haha.. with drama and rushing around. 

My before and after
(pardon me with my triple eyelids, wasn't having enough sleep past few days.. this what happens to my eyes! T.T)

I know it's not really a big difference, but it was quite hard to apply my make-up. So i only drew a thin line for my eye liner. Simple simple , boleh la ~ haha

The make-up that i used.. I REALLY LOVE BENEFIT's Sugar bomb blusher and their lip tint ! :D
( It looks like my lips have this natural glow ! LOVE IT !)

So head on over to your nearest Benefit outlet to create your own Hoilday Look. :)

For more info go to  :

that's all ladies, 
Merry X'mas !

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