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KINO KINO !  KINOHIMITSU ! haha.  Yes, I want to be Kinohitmitsu Celebrity Blogger !  :D
I had an opportunity to be able to join an Amazing luau party organize by The one and only, The Butterfly Projects. They always have amazing events, always also very happening. ( always got so many leng lui's ! Always can come cuci my mata when i come for their events ! HAHA ! )
Well, I guess most of you can guess who is the main sponsored for this event, it's KINOHITMITSU ! I'm sure most of you have already heard or seen their brand at pharmacies.. They are known for their beauty, detox, & health drinks..

I'm really lucky to be one of the butterflies who was invited to join this awesome Hawaiian themed party !
I was already a Kino user, I really love drinking their beauty drinks.. It doesn't only helps you with your complexion, it also taste so YUMMMY ! cause normally, beauty drinks can be a bit bitter or taste kind of weird.


With the starting of every event, there is sure a purpose. :)   So other than partying and taking nice pictures.. Kinohitmitsu is actually launching their latest product which is the Bio-booster !

Kinohitmitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is the very first & only symbiotic-organic blend that enhances our body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times ! It's fully packed with high-performance probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins, which helps to easily absorb nutrients from our food intake & supplement for a better & faster result !

This product is really suitable for people with low immune system, people who gain weight very fast, weak digestion, constipation/ diarrhea, allergies, leaky gut, brain fog, and alcoholics.. 

How should you consumer ?  It's really simple and easy. You can choose to mix it with plain water or just simply just open a packet and eat it directly. 

Kinohitmitsu invited two of our local artist to explain their experience after consuming Kino's product. & they had really good feedback. The male artist, is actually already 40 years old, and he is still able to keep such a fit body. His actually working towards to form a define 6-packs ! Cause it's actually quite hard to still be fit at that age, but with the help of Kino, he was actually flashing around his amazing body ! haha..
However, for the female artist actually gave a feedback on their beauty drink, which she manage to get a even fairer and more even skin tone by drinking Kino's beauty drink ! ( I really need that drink, my skin always have uneven skin tone. :( ) & she's really happy that she found out about kinohitmitsu to help her with her problem ..

After the full introduction of the Main product, Tammy (our mama-san) & Illy from The Butterfly Projects gave a quick intro of the whole event.

Games & lucky draw

We were given cute cards for us to go to stations to play games & to spin-the-wheel to see our luck. :) So cute right the cards? haha. 

 Gift & Spin 'n' Win station 

The event had a mini Kinohitmitsu Bar.. (looks really pro.. hahaha ~)

Cheers !

123 Cheese Photo Booth

The photo booth was actually one of the main highlights ! Cause 123 cheese actually sponsored UNLIMITED pictures for all of us to take NON-STOP !  O.O 
It was really professional, they had their station set up really nicely and there were so many props for us to use to take our pictures.

123 Cheese opens photo booth for all sorts of event, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, and Product Launching.. It's really a creative way to keep everyone occupied and also being able to snap all the happy memories !  Will definitely consider a photo booth to be in my next 21st birthday !  :DD  Fall in love with their photo booth !

 *taken from 123 Cheese FB page. 

 Keryi, Chency, Chocky & me.
picture time with the two beautiful bloggers. :)

If you're interested on having a photo booth in your up coming events, you can go to their 
website :  or 
Facebook page : (* please go give them a LIKE )

You can also contact them through :
Phone : 019-323 3868 
Email :

Picture session !

 W/  YuhJiun & Bendan :)

W/ Shashay ;)

 W/ the cute Claudine :)

 W/ Illy & Tammy :)

 Keryi, Illy, Tammy, Me, and... Mr. Kino Man (sorry ya, I totally forgot his name T.T)

 W/ Ayna & Caroline :)

Best Instagram Shared !

GUESS what ?! I was the Best Instagram picture shared. :D  WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~  hehe. It was kinda ironic cause before we arrive to the party i was telling my sister that I had no such lucky in winning anything. (especially when it comes to lucky draw. I have no lucky what-so-ever !)
I was really shocked & surprise that i was the winner, cause I taught that my picture was actually really simple. But Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to win ! I'm such a HAPPY GIRL !

Product Review

Kinohimitsu's Bio-Booster is really something new for me. Earlier I've mention what is this product's function & how to consume..   the main purpose of this drink is to actually help you with any defects you have with your immune system.
& did you know that we are the first, to try their Bio-Booster ! haha. ( feel so proud ~ )


For my situation, I constantly have stomach problems. Stomach ache is a common thing for me. So when i heard that Kinohimitsu was coming out with this new product for indigestion problems, I was really excited to try it out.  Surprisingly, just after 2 sachets, my stomach ache that i normally have, have slightly subsided. and it's not so painful as it normally is. Will definitely continue drinking it and see how is it at the end of the month. :) 


For me, I felt that it's slightly too sweet. (Btw, it taste like Lychee.)  I guess in general i don't really like too sweet food. The taste is actually quite nice, but for me this is just slightly too sweet, so I will normally choose to drinking it with water to dilute it. ( so for those sweet tooth, I guess you can say that it's a pro more than a con. hahaha! )

That's all for this post ! 
Really want to give thanks to all the lovely sponsors :

Don't forget to check out their 

123 Cheese 

& last but not least ! The awesome community, The Butterfly Projects that never failed to organized great events.. Go check them out and if you're a blogger, come and join their community (everyone is really nice and friendly.. :DD ) :

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