Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Move your talking into Blogging w/ Server Freak !

Hello hello, semua orang sekian. Apa khabar ?  haha ! need to brush up on my bahasa ! sucks like crazy! Similarly with my chinese, studying for 6 years, and i totally forgot how to read and write. (Only know how to write my name and some simple words. GONE la~ orang cina tak tau cina ! ) But thank goodness, I still know how to speak, so I'm not consider Banana ! I'm a half ripe banana~  我可以讲华语 !  HUH! Don't play play okay ~ (actually , google translated everything  ! XD )

Anyways, kidding aside ! Blogging today about an event i previously attended. :D  Please be alert, keep calm and continue reading ~ hahaha.. ( ignore my hyper typing mood today, finally had my full 8 hours of sleep yesterday ! feeling recharged !)
This post is specially for those who are interested in starting a website or those who just started blogging.. or thinking to have your domain name for your webpage. Especially for those girls who are #saliva more than tea girl (quote from germani's video) haha ! XD.. definitely should move your talking into blogging..
So are you excited ma ? ?   If not then nevermind, after you see my nice pictures you will be EXCITED de la ~ HAHA ( hyper typing = perasan (self-absorb) ! XD ) Not choice la, no one praise me, have to praise myself ! !

so nice right this dessert set up ! really love the english high tea theme ~ 

Server Freak

Server freak is a company that provides web hosting solutions cater to a wide range of purposes such like personal blogs (like mine ~ :DD ), email solutions, corporate websites, databases & etc..
They try their utmost best to give a very user-friendly and affordable hosting solutions for customers to get their website & email online as fast as possible ! I have read their testimonials, they are really fast & efficient with their service ! Not only that, they will help you through a step-by-step of launching your web. 

Even though i have been blogging for awhile, I'm still a dummy when it comes to technology.. (*Stone age aunty ! :/ ) I think you can tell from my blog, it looks so simple and plain ! Even this simple layout took me sometime to set it up ! But I see other people's blog got so many fancy fancy things, some can MOVE somemore (*impressed !) I seriously suck at web designing and dealing with HTML. So being able to come for this event was really a benefit for me. 

So your probably thinking what is Server freak offering that is so great ? 
Well, Server Freak has created a system that will enable you to concentrate on your blogging and leave the designing to them ! Let's face facts, Your Blog layout is like your physical appearance and usually that is what people see first before they start reading your content. So if not nice le, how to increase your page views ?   ( owhhhhh.... no wonder my pageviews so low la..  haha !)

Server freak actually help so many famous bloggers to host their blogs. O.O

These are actually the 6 steps to start a Wordpress blog ! OMG, i think the 3 and 4 step i stuck already ! 

But because it's so difficult, somtimes people will give up blogging before they could even start. Cause it takes so much work and time !  That's why, Server Freak is here to SAVE THE DAY

Server Freak has this new and improve WORD PRESS EASY SETUP package !
Which allows you to focus on your blogging content and leave the setting up to them !

Server Freak actually guides you step-by-step on how to improve your blog's layout, so that it will suit you and your blog's content. :D  Cool right.. no need so ma fan ady.. because sometimes, we can picture our prefect blog layout, but we can't seem to present it on our page.. Correct or not ? !  

Price for the WORDPRESS Easy Setup Package ! :) (which also includes a FREE Domain )

Other Services that Server Freak Offer 

Prices ! 

If you have any additional questions or any matter that your uncertain, feel free to drop by their :

Facebook page : (Give them a "LIKE" while your at it. :D )

& if you want to know their latest promotion just click on to "THIS" ! :D

Butterfly's Website Launch 

GUESS WHAT ? because of this Collaboration, Server Freak has requested to HOST Butterfly Project Malaysia's Website ! So happy and blessed to be able to join this AWESOME community !  Is such an honoured being able to blog about this significant event !  ( Look at everyone faces, SO HAPPY !  Especially Our beloved , MAMA-SAN !) 

Being able to be apart of this community and see-ing it grow so rapidly ! No words can describe my happiness ! GAMBATEH, Butterfly Project's, you will always have this mini butterfly supporting you all ! *wink !

So go and check out their website : 

123 Cheese Photo booth 

YAYYYYY!  123 Cheese, came again to help us take nice photos for us to take home ! LOVE PHOTO BOOTH's ! You can instantly take nice pictures of yourself and 123 cheese will print it out !

They will prepare super cool props for you to use to take pictures and also a nice background for a playful theme ! :D  Really really love it !! Always very excited when i hear that 123 Cheese is coming for any event ! hahaha.. (I sound like a little girl ! )

Do Check them out :
Website :

Show them some LOVE and LIKE their page ! :D

Picture Time 

Enjoying Tea like atas lady !
(Wore this dress to suit the English Tea Theme ! XD )

& of cause some selfie's ! 
(My makeup for the Day : green contacts, green shadow with my green dress. Nice or not ?? Or too much green ?  hahaha~ )

 Bump into Kelly & Karen 

First time meeting this pretty Lady, Sabrina ! :D
(She's so friendly ! )

& not forgetting the YUMMY food that they served us ! :)

Lastly would like to THANK YOU , to SHOWCASE who actually allow us to have our high tea at such a amazing place ! :)  

Which is actually located at : (Over See-ing a nice lake)

  • 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Interested in booking a space for an event ?? Go to their website to find out more details !

That's all for this post. 
Hopefully you find all the information helpful ! :) 

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