Friday, 27 December 2013

My Beauty Resolution for 2014 !

Well, Hello again everyone!  New year is 4 days away ! OMG.. So fast can't believe gonna enter 2014 !! Hmmm.. look back through this year, seems like so much have happened but so little have been achieve ! So this post i'm blogging today will be about my Beauty resolution for 2014.

I'm quite a lazy person, I'm really reluctant to go out to try new products ~  Because you need to do survey and whether that product is suitable for you.. and the list goes on and on. But ultimately, I think i'm just plain Lazy ! Cause it really take a lot of effort and time to go research about something and to know about it.. So my Beauty resolution for 2014 would be to find a suitable, organic chemical-free and gentle yet effective Skin care for my face.
Because my facial complexion have been so dull lately, really want a rosy facial complexion during Chinese New Year !  A NEW ME BEFORE the NEW YEAR begins !!

Then i came across Yadah's Skin Care Product which i previous seen before but didn't know that it was an Organic base product. It's natural, botanical, natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, has no artificial colouring and gentle for the skin.. It's like magic in a bottle.
Nowadays, It's really hard for you to come across products which are organic.
Yadah's product are certified by The Korean's FDA with Ecocert ! and on top of that their products are suitable for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin, because the ingredients in their products are natural ! :D

On top of that Yadah is doing a Collaboration with The Butterfly Projects for all Butterflies to try their product !  OMG.. I really hope that i will be able to party with little Yadah and Yom Yom during this coming festive season !  Need Yadah's help to improve my facial complexion !

Do check them out their Fb page :  Yadah Malaysia
& also not forgetting : The Butterfly Projects Malaysia

My Fingers are crossed ! Hopefully to see Yadah soon! :D

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