Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year Shopping Haul : On.The.Button

It's officially 31st of December !  NEW YEAR's EVE ! So did you make the end of the days count ?  Well, I'm trying my best to make what's left of 2013 count. Feeling a little more happier and excited for the new year.. Not sure what 2014 has got install for me !  HAHA. 

Anyways, since it's at the end of the year. & most of the festive season are during this time. Which is when i usually do all my shopping. On and off line.. :D Worked so hard through out the year, now it's time to treat ourselves right?  SHOPPING TIME !  (... hmmmm.. but actually le, i go shopping almost every month..) but not the same la, that one is monthly shopping, this is yearly shopping. Totally different ! HAHA! Words of a shopaholic ! 
While we are on the topic of shopping, wanted to just share an Online Shop that i recently found.  

There have a FB shop  (click >> OnTheButton ). 

Nowadays, everyone being to tech-savy, everyone is opening their business online. So you can literally buy anything online. However, because it's such a big business, it's quite hard to find a shop that caters to your needs.. Cause sometimes, people are willing to pay more for better quality but other might just be looking at the price and not the quality. So it really depends on what kind of shopper you are. :)
Personally, I really don't mind paying a little extra, for better quality and service. Because imagine you get that item for a cheaper price and you have to wait like 2 months for it to come sometimes longer and then it might have default, then need send back.. or refund ! (walao, I really hate when this type of things happens when I'm doing online shopping ! )

Getting back to the introduction of the Online Shop.. (sorry for my random complaining ! ) How i found On.The.Button was because one of my High School friend actually invited me to like this online shop.. then (.. because friend ma.. )  so go in and see and check out the shop.. But at first i didn't know that it was my friend's Online shop. haha.. until when i was asking the price of the boots, only i found out that it was my friend. HAHA ! I was actually looking at many many stores.. but always hesitate to buy. So i found that On.The.Button was selling the one i wanted. So i quickly told my friend that i wanted to order, (just so you know, this is not an advertorial, it's all base on my own opinion. : D ) I didn't hesitate to buy the shoes cause my friend who open this online shop is quite particular when it comes to the quality of a product.. (So can really trust her de *wink.. )

Really love the shoes alot ! It's really good quality and surprisingly it was quite comfortable ! haha.. 

If you're looking for a place to shop you should definitely go check them out on their :

They sell really nice and cool korean outfits. Really love all their cardigan and sweaters.. 

Because my friend knew I started blogging, She's so nice that she's actually giving 5% Discount on all her items !!  Just quote my name "Originalkerchi" when you order any items then you will automatically get a 5% rebate ! Chun right ?  hehe. 
So don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook & FOLLOW them on Instagram !

My *almost going to fall pose  ! Like seriously, i almost fall.. But didn't la :D
// Hat from h&m // Pug Top from Zara (Birthday gift from Sister !) // Black skinny from h&m // Black Boots from On.The.Button// 

That's all ladies, Happy shopping. 
& Happy New Year ~

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