Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 is going to be LEGEN-DARY !

Epic drunk face !

HAPPY NEW YEAR , EVERYONE !  2014 is finally here ! Any changes ?  No?  Then better start planning your new year resolution ! New year, new resolutions.. don't be overly ambitious ! or not apa pun tak ada achieve ! hahaha ~  that's the typical me. XD  Plan, plan, plan.. "want do this, want apply for that, want go to this place.. and etc..." in the end.. didn't even get to do one. Learning from pass experience, I'm only going to aim for one thing in each section of my life. But we will get back to that later..
Moving on to the party.. :D

Few months ago, I started hanging out with a new bunch of friends. Really nice and crazy people..
We started planning for a New Year's Eve party, cause it was suppose to be a Christmas party, but not sure why the plan didn't work out for Christmas.. So we changed it to new year's eve. So it's actually a NYE / Christmas party.. So we had a gift exchange session just to replace the christmas that we missed. XD.. ( btw, everyone's gift had to be more than Rm20.. )
While we were planning, I volunteered to prepare some food for everyone.. Cause i really love baking, just i always don't bake cause there's no one who is going to eat it. Some more now there's only 3 person in my house. How to bake a whole cake ? haha.. Eat til die ! XD  but.. with my ambitious brain of mine, i plan to bake 5 different types of things without thinking of the amount of time i have ! ( super genius !  sometimes i think that the part of my brain that estimates time has already deteriorate ! Brain why you no estimate time !) With the limited time i had, I only manage to bake 4 things.. Some more i promised one of my friend that i will also make salad.. ( really sorry to have to disappoint him.. seriously, I was super tired and my legs were aching like mad. had to stand for 7-8 hours straight  ! )


I really wanted to bake a Rainbow cake for quite sometime.. But just never had the chance and time to try.. So because i was super ambitious , so i wanted to try it out ! Imagining that it would be difficult and when you're really doing it, is really a big difference ! Look at my baking area, is SO FREAKING MESSY.. and i really want to apologize and thanked my sis for helping me with the clean up.. Cause i was super late ady she helped me out with the cleaning  ! hehe.. paiseh ~
Hmmm, Btw, sorry i have limited pictures during my preparation, cause i was rushing and my hands was super dirty..  But if you need the recipe, I would be more than happy to share it with you ;)  hehe.. 

I also made Blueberry Cheese Cupcakes, Fruit tart and Chocolate banana Brownie. :D haha.. I purposely went to Daiso to buy the cupcake stand to place the cupcake.. Presentation is really important when it comes to food ! but of cause the food tasting good is Primary ! :)  

& here comes the star of the evening ! hahaha.. Tadaaa.. My end result of my Rainbow cake. Decorated it with mini Christmas trees and Strawberries to have the more Christmas feel.
We lighted up the Candle and counted down to the New Year ! !  :D

Gift Exchange 

Basically, everyone had to have a number and when it's your turn, you get to choose to take a present from the pile.. or to steal another person's present !

The meme was suppose to mean something, to link with the bread as a gift.. But i don't really get the joke. HAHA. Sorry, the 9gag force is low with me. 

Most Epic gift ! 2 stacks of A4 paper ! LOL ! Guess what, i was one of those people who was stealing to get this gift ! HAHAHAHA! Seriously never taught of it ! XD  Everyone was thinking that heavier the gift the better..

& the party Begins !

I always prefer having a get-together party rather than going to club.. Cause house party you can socialize more and there is no constant loud music blasting in your ears.. HAHA. And the best thing about a house party, you don't have to worry too much if you get drunk ! you will probably just wake up the exact same spot.. ( probably with puke all over you.. ) ;) HAHA! but thankfully that have never happened to me before ! 

I didn't really had time to take much pictures was busy with the food and busy socialzing ( i totally forgot to take pictures.. ) , but when i on my camera the next day just to look back at the pictures.. OMG, saw these selfies of Wen Mun ! Seriously ?   he took more selfies than me ! HOW COULD THIS BE ?  so fa hao lo !

I only had one decent selfie.. :(  

So getting back to my new year resolution.. I previous blogged about my beauty resolution. But there are so many other things i need to change for this year.. Well, the first thing would be my time management ! I really have to work on that, I can never be early to an outing or an event. I'm usually late, or occasionally on time ! I'm already known to be the LATE QUEEN ! damn.. I will not be 2014's LATE QUEEN anymore ! hahaha.. Other than that, I really want to go learn some self-defence skills.  Hopefully to apply for that in February. & I'm also planning to go back study, been working for almost a year. Kinda scared to go back to a study environment.. But i need to increase my knowledge before i become too old la !

2013 have been such a roller coaster ride, so much things have happened. Some good ones, some not so.. But I'm still here right, so i'm sure it's nothing too big for me to handle. " What doesn't kill you, will only make you strong ! " .. well, unless it's cancer or some type of illness.. But other than that I'm sure this quote applies. haha. & i'm really happy that I have started my blog, I really enjoy blogging.. It's been almost a year since i started.. Hopefully to maintain it. & also would like to thank you all of you who have supported me through out 2013 ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

Hope you guys enjoyed your New year's Day too..
Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !..  I'm sure 2014 will be an amazing year ahead !

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