Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eulogy Writing Competition ( Obpedia X Youths Today )

I'm back. Been snoozing around for a few weeks, neglecting my blog for quite sometime. I hope you guys know i'm still alive and well. Please don't stop viewing my blog, i have many up coming post to update .. here is one of them. Recently was invited to attend a Eulogy writing Competition Closing ceremony. I know that this is sort of out of my blog-scope (if there is even such a word.. haha).. But I guess it's something interesting i would just like to share.. 

With the collaboration of Obpedia and , there have organized a Eulogy Writing Competition to promote Fillial Piety among college youths and also to promote English writing in colleges. When organizing this Competition they taught that the response would be quite bad, but surprisingly there were quite a number of participants. 

So your probably thinking, "what is Obpedia ?" is Asia's first internet based portal that provides a place to create Obituary, Memorials, Pet memorials and sending messages through e-mails and mobile phone. This portal provides a site to post info and acts as a notification service for direct & personal invitation to relatives & friends if there is any funeral wake service, memorial services, religious prayer times, cremation & burial information.. 

Our technology have advance so much so, that everything have come online. It's so amazing... Cause usually, (touch wood !) we wouldn't know whether our super distance relatives and friends have passed, until we go for family or friends gathering.. then we would only find out. But with Obepdia, it allows us to gain instant info and also to send your condolences if you're unable to attend the funeral wake service. 

Other than that, The portal also creates a family tree if there are any members who are connected to their site. This will create a great ancestral family tree, years later for the family. 

Winners for Competition

The competition Tittle was Appreciating our ancestors and loved ones, Theme was Cherished moments and Elements in Eulogy was Memerial, Beautiful memories, Treasured moments, Honouring, Legacy and Tributes.

Announcing the winners for the competition : 

1st was Jassie Looi who won Rm2,000
2nd was Kum Peng who won Rm1,500
3rd was Lisa Yeo who won Rm800

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