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HELLO EVERYONE. Sorry that I MIA on my blog for almost a week.. been busy with new year preparation.. some more CNY coming soon. Busy busy busy.. but finding time to update my blog about an important person's birthday ! !  She is TAMMY LIM ! ( Go check out her blog : ) For those of you who don't know, she's the founder of The Butterfly Projects which is actually a community for new beauty and lifestyle bloggers !  Even though, i've only know her for only few months, but she has really gave me a lot of opportunity and support with my blog. :D  & for that, I really would like to say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, TAMMY ! :D 2013 wouldn't be an amazing one without you and the butterfly team.. 

Tammy's birthday date is super unique, cause it falls on the 1st of January ! How cool is that, your birthday is a Public Holiday le ! CHUN ~  haha.  So Tammy actually organized an Ice Cream Fondue Party at Häagen-Dazs ® (SOHO KL) for all the butterflies as well as her friends..  I was super excited when i heard that she was having a ice cream party !  WAHHHHHH, it's her birthday but we are getting rewarded !  Even my friends were jealous when they saw that Tammy tagged us on FB for the invite.. hahaha.. 


There was a huge scroll for everyone to sign and write our best wishes to Tammy ! :)

 not long after the place started filling up..

Once everyone was sited, Tammy start doing a head count and making sure everyone has a place to sit. (See, even on her birthday she's still worried about her butterflies.. :D)

When everyone was accounted for, we played an ice breaker game so that everyone got to know each other better. It was actually a family card game thing (LOL. i forgot what was that game called.. but anyways..)  We were suppose to find back our own family members using the card.. haha. It was quite fun, cause all the people in my Family was super sporting !

Our weeder family is united ! XD

Birthday Girl's Golden Moment 

Look like superstar, letting all the paparazzi's take her picture.. haha ! 

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Tammy.. Happy birthday to you!
(Hope all your wishes and dreams will come true, and really wish you a wonderful new year ahead !)


Once the song has been sung and the cake have been cut. Its time for our long awaited FONDUE !

Selection of fresh fruits 

Selection of biscuits and brownies
(The biscuits are almost tasteless, that's why you must DIP it in the Fondue ! :D)

& Of cause ICE CREAM !
(Vanilla, Strawberriy, Chocolate & Cookie & Cream)

& the party BEGINS !

& This is our End result ! (BURRRRRP !)

After eating so much.. had sometime to take some pictures with other lovely bloggers.. :)
 W/ the cute little Claudine ! :)

 W/ super bubbly and cheerful, Innanie ariff :)

W/ the lovely Choy Peng :)

We even got a door gift ( MORE CHOCOLATE ! :D)

Tammy told me, reason for having so much chocolate on her birthday was because Chocolate is happy Food.. and she wanted all of us to be happy on her birthday ! It's really very thoughtful ! It feels like my birthday ! Get to eat ice cream and still got door gift some more !! HAHA!  Tammy really spoil all of us... Thanks again , TAMMY! Really had so much fun and you have fixed my ice cream crave for the new year. Imma Happy GIRL !  haha.. 

PS: Hope you love the Red themed gift we got you. To welcome in the CNY ! ;)

Hope everyone enjoy reading this post. 
Don't droll all over your keyboard ya.. XD

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