Wednesday, 22 January 2014

LENOVO VIBE X (Selfie Expert)

Hello everyone.. How's January ?  Busy busy ?  I'm sure everyone is, it's almost Chinese New Year, I'm sure everyone is busy with their preparation for CNY.. I haven't even get my things in order yet.. House haven't clean, clothes haven't buy.. T.T So little time. But i'm still here blogging. haha ! But this post is urgent, really want to share with everyone the latest Hottest Gadget in the market, LENOVO's Vibe X !

I was so intrigue when i heard that LENOVO was going to launch a smartphone which have a 5 mega pixel front camera ! Cause for me, even if i love taking selfie's I never use my front camera. Why you ask ? Cause my phone front camera sucks.. Like literally.. non of my pictures are taken by my front camera. ( I very pantang when it comes to taking pictures, if the pictures are not nice I won't upload ! even if it's just food.. Must have quality la !  ) That's me la.. Cause people tend to look at the picture first, only they continue with the caption. But anyways, enough of my obsession with selfies.. ! Let's move on to the event for that day !

Starting of Event

To begin, the launch for LENOVO's Vibe X was held in Signature, The Hill which was located at Bandar Utama.. (It's actually really nearby One Utama) It has a lovely view cause it's on the highest floor.. and the interior of the place is awesome, very cozy and romantic atmosphere. :D

To kick start the launch, they had LENOVO's Contry General Manager, Khoo Hung Chuan to do the introduction. 

They even had a music performance using Recycle items. (So cool.. :D)

& the moment we have been waiting for.. 
The launch of LENOVO Vibe X !

After showing everyone a short video of the Vibe X, LENOVO had their Country Sales Manager, Foo Mun Yee to do a slide show of the specification of the Smartphone.

A Short Q&A Session with the crowd. 
(During this session, there was someone who asked regarding their memory capability. This is just a FYI for everyone. This smartphone has only built-in memory, so you can't have additional memory with SD card.)

Lenovo Vibe X 

After finishing the presentation, they gave everyone a chance to feel first hand of their new Gadget. There were so many people waiting to see and touch this smartphone ! So i waited awhile before going to see it. 

& Of cause, the first thing is to test their camera ! Cause it's the highlight of the whole Smartphone. 
(No joke, it's 5 MP !)

( If you notice that my face look super make-upish.. cause there have a function of their font camera where you can adjust the filter ! SO SUPER COOL, don't even need an app to edit your pictures, you can straight away use the filter.. :D  TWO THUMBS UP !)

The LENOVO VIBE X had a pixel-prefect 5" 20/20 Vision curved glass display, it is 6.9mm profile and weighting at 121 grams (so light ! ), & it also have an impressive 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 2GB RAM & 16GB inbuilt storage. 

You're probably wondering how much is this elegant beauty ?... ITS ONLY RM1,299 !
This smartphone is really impressive and super affordable !

If you have any additional information 
please visit their website :
LIKE them on facebook : LenovoMY

Hope you enjoy reading this post.. :D  
Treat yourself to something new this CNY, or you can treat me if you feel like it. hmmmmm~  HAHA! 

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