Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Chenelle !

Happy birthday to this Pretty girl, Chenelle !  Really hoped she enjoyed her amazing birthday party!  Come to think about it I've actually known her for about 2 years ady.. She was one of those people who kinda inspired me to start blogging. We actually met at one of my friend's birthday party a few years back.. When we first got to know each other, she's super friendly and SUPER PRETTY ( can't take my eyes off her ! XD... drool*)  hahahha..  Sorry if i kinda sound a lil lessbo!  HAHA.. But it's the truth, she is very pretty ! :D  Anyways, will be blogging about her birthday today. Chenelle's birthday is on the 21st Jan, that's why you can see 121 on the birthday cake ! :D 

To start off, since it was so close to Chinese New Year, therefore Chinese New Year was Chenelle's Birthday theme. So she told everyone to wore cheong sam/ sam fu to suit the theme.. I didn't had any cheong sam, so i had to go buy one. I actually got it one day before hand!  (Thank god, I manage to find a Cheong sam that suits me !) So this is my OOTD for the night.. 

She actually wanted us to had our hair set like hers.. but i was working that day, so i didn't had time to do anything with my hair. So i just pump alot of hair oil to keep it in shape.. (i know, i know, still look like grass ! T.T)

Grand Shanghai Tea House @ Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Her birthday was celebrated in Grand Shanghai Tea House, at Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park. You're probably thinking where is this amazing place ! It's actually located in Setia Walk Puchong ! I never knew that Puchong had such an amazing place ! The deco and set up is so beautiful ! Definitely must visit !

YEE SANG ! My fav ! 
( thank god this is only a one year once dish ! or not everyday also makan !)

Just some shots of the amazing food that was serve during dinner. The portion was share among 4 people. At first when the dim sum came, i was like.. What ?  So small portion ? How to full ?  HAHA... But then because there was so many dishes, after the third or forth dish i was already extremely full !! & it's actually more healthier eating in small portions. But ( you know la ~) Sometimes our eyes, tend to be more greedy than the stomach ! haha.. Overall the food was super delicious and the restaurant service was really good. Cause quite a number of us dropped our chopped sticks, so the waiters were really nice to replace it ! (*butter fingers!) If i would have to choose, i would definitely say my favourite was the xiu long bao ( third picture after the yee sang ).. YUMMMMMYY !


With the crazy new trend of photobooth !  Chenelle had WOW PHOTOBOOTH at her party ! Really love instant photo taking so syok.. can it's such a good ice breaker as well. random people can take pictures together ! :D It's also super good to keep memories ! On top of that, they also have super alot of props for you to use... ( CNY theme ! )  haha..


Happy birthday to this amazing Women !

Even though we are not really close, but every time when we meet up we always got things to talk about. & really happy that she invited me to her birthday.. :D It was such an amazing party, great food, great place and amazing crowd ! Everything was superb ! !

Even her cake was CNY themed ! O.O So chun wei...

Photo Session 

with Sexy ChanWon :) 

because the deco of the whole place is so amazing, before we started eating, everyone quickly went down to snap pictures.. Big and small cameras were all taken out ! XD

With ChanWon & Bobo (who i just met , So pretty and loving her bob hairstyle!)

with the girls (Chenelle, Chanwon, Casey, Kittie ) Kittie's expression is priceless ! XD

with the birthday girl, Chenelle !

More selfie moments with Kittie. (She's super funny, and outgoing !)

I also met Janice :) 
 (Will be meeting her soon for yee sang session !)

with sexy KarenKho :D 
(I love this picture, my face so freaking flawless ! XD)

ending the night with a group photo !

So don't forget to check out :


Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Moment Delight
(Thank you for all the amazing pictures! :))

Again, i want to wish this Pretty and Amazing Women, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 
Hope that this year will be a more blissful and wonderful year ahead! & hope that all your wishes and dreams will happen this year ;)  You know i will always be your loyal reader *wink ! haha..
(Btw, here's a blog link :  go check her out )

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Chinese New Year, A time to increase body weight !

So Chinese New Year is here ! Is time for FEEDING SEASON !  HAHA!  People often think that I'm those ABC (ppl always speak english) don't know chinese.. Even though my Chinese is only half cooked, I'm really Super Duper Typical Chinese ! I Love everything about CNY ! I love the Hot Sunny weather, love the gathering of all our relatives, love the ang pau (red packet), and especially love THE FOOD ! CNY is the only time i let myself OVER EAT for 3 Days !  haha.. Like literally over eat every single meal ! Cause for my Family we hardly eat home cook food, so being able to eat all the authentic chinese dishes you don't normally get to eat ! HOW TO RESIST !

Actually come to think about it, I just notice that i've been blogging for almost 1 year already.. Haha. Time pass so fast. One of my first few posts was also about last years CNY..  Well, much have change.. Hopefully for the best. Hopefully this year to receive more positive changes :D *fingers crossed !

This is just a random post, wanted to update about what's been happening lately !  Just visited a Chinese doctor yesterday, was having some period cramps and my period don't come as regular as it should be. All my aunty was like so worried, asking me to go see Chinese doctor to check my condition.. Haha.. Make me feel scared also, so quickly came back and made appointment ! I was quite scared at first, cause my friend recommended this place to me, she said it was the most painful experience in her LIFE ! O.O  So i was trying my best to mentally prepare myself for the pain.. But the doctor said i only needed to do acupuncture (the ones you see in movie, ppl stick little needles into your skin) So it wasn't that bad la.. Haha (scare myself ) & i really want to thanked daniel who bought me there, and waited for me. Really appreciate his presence there, kinda not so scary ady than going alone !  HAHA ! ( yes, imma chicken sh*t)
Yeah, so that's me during the CNY.. So i took some food pictures and also my outfit during the first day of CNY :D

Reunion Lunch

Home made Yee Sang ! :D

In order to be less main stream, My aunty made Reunion Lunch for us ! HAHA.. This was just half of the portion..
(photo taken from my cousin's Fb page)
Say Hello to my Relatives. But I'm not inside, cause i'm the Camera Women. :D

Spending this year CNY without my Handsome Brother XD.. His still in Queensland finishing up his Internship. It's been almost a year his gone, really hope he comes back to Malaysia soon ! starting to miss his chubby face ! HAHAHA... (if you're reading this, WE MISS YOU HERE !)


YUMMY BISCUITS.. All home made !

I also wanted to bake some stuff to bring back to show case some of my skills.. But i was so caught up with work, I didn't have any time ! Procrastinating Queen ! XD  
The white biscuit on the right, is like the best tapioca biscuits i have ever eaten , IN MY LIFE !  texture and taste, is like the BOMB ! love it so much.. :D


 Steamboat dinner on the Second Day of CNY ! 
( What diet plan ?  Haha !)

Went to my mother side to visit on the third day of CNY, another type of Chinese cuisine ! YUMMY ! See, how not to fat ?  XD  My aunty really spoils us.. even she is 70+ she still cooked all these yummy food for us ! So touched,  so in return, I baked a cheesecake for her. She's not your typical aunty, SHE LOVES CHEESECAKE !  she said mine was a little sweet for her, so the next time i will tone down the sugar specially for her ! ;)


So we kinda stayed a day longer in my hometown. Food was good and all, but there wasn't any entertainment. We went to watch movie, but tickets was sold out ! HAHA.. So my sis and I decided to just dress up to take nice OOTD shots to update our Insta.. So here are some shots we look at a nearby run down play ground. :D  Yes, My sis was my pro photographer! So much thanks and credits to her Skill ! 

Wearing this dress, cause my tummy was kinda bloated already.. HAHA! Something Comfortable.. 

Love the lighting, but it was extremely hot ! half way through i was sweating ady ! trying to maintain my makeup, so that it doesn't smudge ! HAHA... 

Espcially love this shot ! <3

// Purple printed dress from H&M// Black heels from H&M // Gold watch from Casio //

That's all for my CNY, 
will update soon with Chenelle's Birthday Party soon. So stay tune ! :D
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