Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Chenelle !

Happy birthday to this Pretty girl, Chenelle !  Really hoped she enjoyed her amazing birthday party!  Come to think about it I've actually known her for about 2 years ady.. She was one of those people who kinda inspired me to start blogging. We actually met at one of my friend's birthday party a few years back.. When we first got to know each other, she's super friendly and SUPER PRETTY ( can't take my eyes off her ! XD... drool*)  hahahha..  Sorry if i kinda sound a lil lessbo!  HAHA.. But it's the truth, she is very pretty ! :D  Anyways, will be blogging about her birthday today. Chenelle's birthday is on the 21st Jan, that's why you can see 121 on the birthday cake ! :D 

To start off, since it was so close to Chinese New Year, therefore Chinese New Year was Chenelle's Birthday theme. So she told everyone to wore cheong sam/ sam fu to suit the theme.. I didn't had any cheong sam, so i had to go buy one. I actually got it one day before hand!  (Thank god, I manage to find a Cheong sam that suits me !) So this is my OOTD for the night.. 

She actually wanted us to had our hair set like hers.. but i was working that day, so i didn't had time to do anything with my hair. So i just pump alot of hair oil to keep it in shape.. (i know, i know, still look like grass ! T.T)

Grand Shanghai Tea House @ Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Her birthday was celebrated in Grand Shanghai Tea House, at Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park. You're probably thinking where is this amazing place ! It's actually located in Setia Walk Puchong ! I never knew that Puchong had such an amazing place ! The deco and set up is so beautiful ! Definitely must visit !

YEE SANG ! My fav ! 
( thank god this is only a one year once dish ! or not everyday also makan !)

Just some shots of the amazing food that was serve during dinner. The portion was share among 4 people. At first when the dim sum came, i was like.. What ?  So small portion ? How to full ?  HAHA... But then because there was so many dishes, after the third or forth dish i was already extremely full !! & it's actually more healthier eating in small portions. But ( you know la ~) Sometimes our eyes, tend to be more greedy than the stomach ! haha.. Overall the food was super delicious and the restaurant service was really good. Cause quite a number of us dropped our chopped sticks, so the waiters were really nice to replace it ! (*butter fingers!) If i would have to choose, i would definitely say my favourite was the xiu long bao ( third picture after the yee sang ).. YUMMMMMYY !


With the crazy new trend of photobooth !  Chenelle had WOW PHOTOBOOTH at her party ! Really love instant photo taking so syok.. can it's such a good ice breaker as well. random people can take pictures together ! :D It's also super good to keep memories ! On top of that, they also have super alot of props for you to use... ( CNY theme ! )  haha..


Happy birthday to this amazing Women !

Even though we are not really close, but every time when we meet up we always got things to talk about. & really happy that she invited me to her birthday.. :D It was such an amazing party, great food, great place and amazing crowd ! Everything was superb ! !

Even her cake was CNY themed ! O.O So chun wei...

Photo Session 

with Sexy ChanWon :) 

because the deco of the whole place is so amazing, before we started eating, everyone quickly went down to snap pictures.. Big and small cameras were all taken out ! XD

With ChanWon & Bobo (who i just met , So pretty and loving her bob hairstyle!)

with the girls (Chenelle, Chanwon, Casey, Kittie ) Kittie's expression is priceless ! XD

with the birthday girl, Chenelle !

More selfie moments with Kittie. (She's super funny, and outgoing !)

I also met Janice :) 
 (Will be meeting her soon for yee sang session !)

with sexy KarenKho :D 
(I love this picture, my face so freaking flawless ! XD)

ending the night with a group photo !

So don't forget to check out :


Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park

Moment Delight
(Thank you for all the amazing pictures! :))

Again, i want to wish this Pretty and Amazing Women, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 
Hope that this year will be a more blissful and wonderful year ahead! & hope that all your wishes and dreams will happen this year ;)  You know i will always be your loyal reader *wink ! haha..
(Btw, here's a blog link :  go check her out )

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