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YADAH • Product Review & CNY Event !

HELLO YADAH ! !  Isn't she cute ?  I'm sure most of your ang pau collecting is still on-going.. Hope you all are still reading and staying tune to my blog. Because this is one of those post that will definitely benefit everyone ! I'm will be blogging about The blogger CNY promo & also a short Product Review at the end about YADAH's latest products and best sellers ! YAYYY..  and then got discount voucher also !!! Hope you are as excited as i am !  hahahaha..

Beginning of the year YADAH had collaborate with The Butterfly Projects to organize a blogger event for all the butterflies ! So i one of the few lucky ones who got invited to the HUGE event ! & yes, Butterfly Projects always host an awesome event !  (all thanks to our MAMA-SAN, Tammy & gang ! ) :D !

Previously, I have heard of Yadah from ChanWon before, because she is one of the bloggers who did a Review of their products.. But i never got a chance to try it out before.. When i arrived at the event i was so excited to see so many Yadah products lying around for us to test !! O.O HAHAHA! without further a due.. Let me start the event...

Product Introduction

When we came and got a sit, everyone non-stop talking (it was like secondary school all over again.. haha) Cause i guess it had been awhile since we have met, and we saw some new faces as well..  Elaine ( Yadah's Product Manager) was trying her best to contain us with all the noise ! hahaha... Like school teacher asking the students to focus in class XD ! hahaha.. Once the slide show begin, everyone started focusing and constantly taking photos ady !

As i mention earlier.. This is Yadah's Product Manager, Elaine (She's super cute and friendly ! and she really made sure we knew everything about the products .)

Why is Yadah so special compare with other Skincare brand ?

YADAH is a natural & authentic skincare & cosmetics formulated with botanical plant extracts. It's also a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oil, floral water, barks & traditional herbs, etc.. that works in prefect harmony with our skin.
This gentle & effective formulas are 100% free from artifical coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate & do not contain animal extracts of any kind. It's very suitable for young skin, because tender skin is more vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

Just a FYI for everyone :

All Yadah products are certified by the Korean FDA and are formulated to be hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic & some with Ecocert authentication as well. 

Best Seller, YADAH Sweet Milky Tint.

It was launched in Dec 2013. This sweet milky tint has been called as "Gem in a bottle" because it contains semi-precious gemstones to help retain skin hydration with a touch of natural shine ! Not forgetting, it's ( of cause ) 100% free from artificial coloring & preservatives ! :) The unique color from the tint are extracts from Tomatoes & Gromwell flowers..

New Baby to Yadah Family , Oh-My Sunblock 

Oh-My Sunblock has recently launched on Jan 2014. It's a lightweight moisturizing sun cream that provides a daily barrier to protect your skin from all the harsh UV rays.. 

All the benefits of Yadah's new Oh-My Sunblock !

Another Best Seller, Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser 

I guess i don't need elaborated further, everything is in the picture above.. :D (btw, picture credits to Yadah FB page ! )

Product Testing 

After the slideshow, they had a product testing for us to test 3 of their products ! 

First Product Testing #01 Oh-My Sunblock 

The Yadah team had prepared for us 3 different type of sunblocks, and (of cause) one of it is Oh-My Sunblock.. We were suppose to feel the texture of each sunblock and choose the correct one according to the description of Yadah's Oh-My Sunblock. 

with the testing of these three sunblocks.. (as you can see from the above pic) From the left is A, B, C sunblock. A has a very strong perfume smell and has a light shade of skin color, B texture is slightly runny (because of that, it's really easy to apply) and the sunblock has a very natural smell and lastly C has a more thick texture and the color of the sunblock is quite similar with the color of a foundation.. 
So i'm sure, with my description of each sunblock, you can guess ady right ?  Of cause, B is Yadah's Oh-My Sunblock.. !

Second Product Testing #02 Bubble Deep Cleanser

The second test was the Bubble Deep Cleanser. To test this cleanser, We were instructed to use a liquid & pencil eyeliner to draw on our hands, and to use the cleanser to remove it.

 See the it removes the eyeliner so quickly ! O.O  i was amazed ! Some more it's just a cleanser le, not even make-up remover.. This is a PRO Cleanser wei ! (no wonder best seller la !)

TAADA, look at my clean and smooth hand.. feels like baby skin ~ Ahhhhhhh

Third & last Product Testing #03 Lip Tint Balm

With these Lip tint Balm testing, they wanted to find out the endurance of the cute tint balm ! So they had 2 volunteers to have a EATING CHALLENGE !! 

To begin the challenge : Both contestant have to apply the Lip tint Balm.

Then, within 20secs they have to finish the whole bowl of noodles prepared by Little Wonton ! 

The QUEEN was Jennifer ! hahaha.. she was so kan cheong that she quickly used the tissue to wipe off the lip balm on her lips.. HAHA! She even told me that, there were some pieces of noodles that on into her clothes XD  ! 

But it was worth it, both of them got rewarded ! :)

So this actually proves that the lip balm is really long lasting even after a yummy delicious meal ! :D

Food & Mingle Session ! <3

Photo credits to Nala, the Pro photographer for The Butterfly Projects. :)

After the slideshow, It's time for us to enjoy our meal prepared by Little Wonton, and also to go around to test out Yadah's product which is actually place on each table and also around the Cafe. 

I was trying to imitate Yadah's expression, haha.. Close enough ?  XD 

Ohhh Btw, did i mention earlier that, Yadah's main ingredient is Native Opuntia Ficus Extract, it's actually a unique species of cactus.. :D  

Yadah says NO to Chemicals ! 

I was trying on their Skin tone Lip Balm.. I guess i didn't put on a thicker layer.. Opss. (Can't really see..) But immediately my lips feels more moisture :D

We were also told to write down our new year resolution on pieces of Lantern for us to bring home ! :)

The sister's with the Lovely Elaine, She's really nice and friendly.. & also super funny.. HAHA!  She was saying, "take nicer pictures, Don't make me look fat ! " HAHAHA! 

With the beautiful Ladies ! another photo credits from Nala as well.. 
I wasn't standing straight, so i kind look like i'm constipated ! hahaha.. But overall this is a nice picture ! :D

With the cute Melody ! :) 
(Just found out she was also a Accounting student, Studying ACCA!  So pro le, I really salute her.. ACCA is such a hard course to study, Thinking about it also scared ! )

Hello, Miss Bendan.. Haha. 

Meet Jenni-FUR ! :DD  hahha.. Loving a cute Bob hair cut  ! :D  


& Not forgetting a Group Photo of all the beautiful butterflies ! :)
(Photo credits to Nala, photo taken from The Butterfly Projects' album )

Product Review

Not only we got to test Yadah's products, we were also able to bring back a goodie bag which contain quite a number of actual size products for us to use !! OMG !! I'm such a HAPPY GIRL. So i wanted to do a Product Review of all their products which was given to us.. :)  (I really love their ECO-shopping bag, so simple and nice the design. It was flown all the way from KOREA ! THANK YOU YADAH for all these amazing products ! :DD )

Oh-My Sunblock

First off, I shall start with Yadah's Newly Launched Oh-My Sun Block (SPF35 PA++) RM49.. 

It is said that this sunscreen is 100% colorless & transparent (zero color pigments) which means you do not need a makeup remover to remove it, it is also highly moisturizing, fast absorption, non-tinted, non-sticky and non-greasy. This is Sunblock has a very lightweight texture and also a matte finish, so it will make you feel like you are wearing almost nothing on your face. It's safe to use on children.

What i think, After trying it on. I would have to admit it's really light texture. and very easy to absorb. My skin is consider quite sensitive. So sometimes using the wrong sunblock, my skin tend to have this burning sensation. But with this Sunblock, it really feels like i didn't apply anything. I really love that it's absorbs really quickly, cause i don't like the feeling of a layer of cream on my face.. 

 LOL.. i should have applied it more nicely ! XD
(Excuse my noob naked face.. haha.. )

It's so easy to blend the Sunblock, & no joke, it absorbs really quickly ! So it doesn't leave like that oily feeling.. So this Sunblock is definitely a TWO TUMBS UP for me ! 

Sweet Milky Tint 

Next in line is one of my favorite cosmetic, Yadah's MILKY LIP TINT ! (RM25)

It is said that, This Lip tint is one of the Best Sellers in Korea, It's allergy free, non-sticky, & non-greasy. It is 100% free from any sort of artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate & animal extract. The color from the Lip tint comes from Tomato & Gromwell Flowers extract. It also contains gemstones to help retain skin hydration with a touch of shine. It also contains, Common purslane, Gingko nuts, Common Fig, White Mulberry, Pomegranate & milk.. 

My reviewLip tint is one of My favorite cosmetic product ! I'm kinda a lip tint fanatic ! I used to hate applying any type of lip make-up. Until when korea started coming out with lip tint, I immediately felled in love with LIP TINT. But even so, it's really hard to find a good quality Lip Tint. Cause some you apply on, then after 10-20 mins the color fade.. The reason why i Love LIP TINT, it's because it gives you a natural radiant to your lips without the lip stick texture.. That's why i really fall in love with Yadah's Milky Lip Tint. 
Comparing it with other lip tint i tried, this is the only lip tint that moisturize my lips and leaving it with a natural radiant ! & it's so easy to apply on your lips, the texture is smooth and it doesn't crumple on your lips.

& this lip tint has a duo use ! You can also use it as a Blusher ! :DD 

Highlash Mascara

Let's move to Eye make :)  Yadah's Highlash Mascara (RM35)

It is said that, this mascara is able to extend lash length while providing a smudge-free definition to your lashes and it is also water-resistant. It's really easy to remove, just by using luke-warm water. It also contains ample cellulose to enrich lash volume and curl, it is also free from Paraben ( harmful substance that said to cause cancer.) It provides long-wearing curls and volumizes, lengthens the eyelashes without smudging.

My Review, i think in general Yadah's product uses natural ingredients that why even after applying it's really easy to remove.. A little warm water did the trick to remove it. (This is really a plus for me, Cause some mascara i use, even with makeup remover it's so difficult to remove !! Sometimes, i even accidentally pull out some of my lashes T.T )
This mascara provides everything, from volumizing to lengthening. & it has a very smooth application.

Sorry i was too close to the camera.. (I'm not sure if you notice, but i'm kinda gross out at my inner pink eye flesh ! HAHA.. Yeah, Now you notice.. Opss.. Sorry to gross you out.. but i was suppose to focus it on the mascara.) XD

Bubble Deep Cleanser 

Lastly, Yadah's Bubble Deep Cleanser (RM49)

It is said that, this cleanser is a gentle bubble foam which is not only gentle it is also cleanse your face thoroughly. Removing all the impurities, excess sebum & makeup remnants in just one wash. & leaving your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and soft.. (Like baby's bum ~ Awhhhhhhh) haha

My Review, without a doubt its very effective. Cause during the event we already did the makeup removing test.. (very powerful cleanser.) After using this cleanser, my face feels really smooth and soft. & you really don't need to pump alot, despite it being a foam form. Probably a little more than a 20 cent coin is enough. :)  Because it's in foam form, it's adds to being more gentle to your skin. really love that they use a Foam bottle. This is such a good cleanser for me, cause i'm kinda a lazy person. So two in one (cleanser & makeup remover together) made me a HAPPY GIRL ! :D

In conjunction with CNY, (Yadah is also celebrating Chinese New year.. XD) With this coupon and a Rm48 purchase of Yadah products, you are able to enjoy Rm8 off ! :D 
It's valid until 16 February 2014

That's all for this post.. So If your interested in getting YADAH's Products, you can visit your nearest SASA Outlets.

Or if you want to know more about their products, Pls go visit their:
Facebook page : Yadah Malaysia

Yadah says "BYE" ! :)

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