Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One City, The most happening City !

This is the amazing view on the 10th floor of One City. 

"One One One city, the most happening city ~"  song sounds familiar?  haha.. I guess usually people who gets stuck in traffic jam, you're bound to hear this on the radio ! HAHA!  
I was kinda curious of this One city, cause when it was newly open, i see my instagram feed filled with pictures of people's feet over a transparent glass.. I didn't get it at first, so wanted to come see it for myself.. 

So Daniel bought me here, since it was a free Sunday night for us. & i was like bugging him to bring me for almost a week !  HAHA!  

a pic of us before getting down ! <3
(hmmmm, face seems a little rounder here :( )

10th Floor 

 Signature , feet on glass picture. (a must take when you're here!)

If you're the first time here. This view, will make you pee your pants ! (literally !!)  When i step on the glass, my legs immediately became soggy ! I'm really afraid of height.. But i guess this was the main extraction of One City ! 
I keep imagining the possible outcome if some would have accidentally break a glass.. and like people would be falling !  haha.. yes i know, i'm evil. XD !  you probably have the same idea ! 

 suddenly found a warm ball to sit on !  (haha!)

This is how high i was.. view from 1st Floor ! You can actually see people walking around the roof ! 

They have so many nice restaurants here, kinda have the Scott Garden and Publika feel.  & they have a huge GYM and a huge CINEMA ! It's really a nice place to go and do some window shopping or just enjoy the great view ! We already had dinner before we arrived, so after touring the place, we bought movie tickets to the 300 !! (Movie review:  the first 300 was better, this 300 wasn't what i expected !  It was kinda sad storyline!

had some OOTD shots taken in the Car park before leaving. 

Really love my floral shorts, i bought it last year when i went to BKK, Finally pulled out my clothes and started wearing them ! haha.. I'm going for my second around of SHOPPING HAUL next week. Will be leaving for holiday (FINALLY) for almost a week.. This time will try to spend on clothes that i really need. Cause i'm feeling kinda broke ! HAHA.. Hopefully all goes well, during the trip. Cause i heard BKK recently had a bomb explosion... Will update you all soon on my DANGEROUS Shopping trip ! hahaha.. 

Btw, If you're wondering where is One City, here's the add :

Garden Shoppe One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A,
47640, Subang Jaya. Selangor.

Baking relaxes me !

This picture is not my finest moment, but it's usually my happiest ! I seriously don't know why, but i LOVE baking ! It's like my anti-depression / stress-free  drug ! When i'm baking, it's like I can just "zone" out and forget about life.. (with all the BS in it !)  Well, sometimes i wonder why this feeling didn't come sooner, so i would take a culinary course (or something related!). Ended up doing accounting.. which i'm struggling now to get out from ! HAHA..  to tell you the truth, it's really not my thing! T.T   But owh well, I guess baking can still be a hobby right ?

So with the weekend available.. I met up with my babe, Molly, who is actually a culinary student. She's actually major-ing in pastry. So this is really her expertise ! I'm like such a newbie, i learned baking from youtube !
I actually known Molly since i was 12, so about 9 years !  Omg, it sounds like so long we have known each other. We have our ups and downs.. and we hardly meet each other (with our busy schedule!) But when we do, (OMG!)  We can go on and on and on.. like grandmothers !  hahaha..

It's been awhile since we had a meet up, and she will be busy doing her intern-ship! So thank god we had some time to meet up.. to BAKE !  haha..

Actually i was the one suggested wanted to bake. I think she bake until she sien already, everyday have to bake !  haha. So she just layan me only !  

We just did something really simple, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes !  she wanted to do something unique, so be did a rainbow meringue frosting !

hehe ! Selfie moment !

OKAY ! Looking awfully scary here. But that's my baking look ! XD 

Us in action !  haha.. (Yup, if you're wondering, feather tattoo she js did it a ytd!)

Failed. XD

This is our end result. We got so frustrated with the staking of the frosting, we just made flat ones. LOL!  to tell you the truth.. Even i won't eat it. cause i don't really like things that look artificial ! hahah.. But i guess it's just for show..

I ended up taking back all the cupcakes for me and my family.. (I cut off all the frosting part and threw it away HAHAH!)
But it was a really nice meet up session ! We got to update each other of our current life.. and i really hope she takes good care of herself ! :D

Well that's all for this post.. wanted to upload something random ! :)


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3 little Eggs (Egg Recipe)

Awhhh , Hello blog. it's been awhile. Been neglecting my blog ever since the new year. Sorry ya !  But i taught this was an interesting post for me to put up. Even tho, it's not really my usual content. But it's a life style blog right, so wth. haha.
So who like eggs ??  I'm a serious egg lover ! But too much might kill you (not literally! at least not too much yolks. whites are fine. )

So today wanted to blog about 3 different ways to cook your eggs ! Well, been participating in Dove's Skindulgence pledge for a better life. It's a 21 day challenge to pamper yourself, eat right and stay active !
So it kinda inspired me to do this recipe for you guys.. Cause it's like super easy, and super yummy ! & you will always have eggs lying around !  (I mean like, Who's hse doesn't have eggs ?! )

Egg Cloud

Things you will need (besides eggs!) : Spring onions (finely slice), salt & pepper (to taste) & spices (i used Garam Masala.) 

(Side note: you can always put any other type of vege or seasoning, i use these cause it was available at home. You can even put in bacon bits if you're feeling more meaty ! :D) 

I'm gonna start off with the Egg Cloud. Which i think it's my favorite ! But it takes a little work, but no worries nothing you can't handle. Just separate 3 yolks with the whites. 

& then with an electric whisk, just beat egg white until stiff peaks... which will look like this..

After beating for 5-7 mins.

add in the spring onion, salt, pepper & spice.

OPPSS ! i forgot you also need cheese !! I'm using Cheddar cheese. (yes, any savory cheese is fine.)

Spoon it onto a Baking sheet & bake for 10-15 mins.
(PLEASE DON'T USE FOIL ! i made terrible mistake , it was super difficult to remove it ! )

& just spoon over the egg yolks

if you like a sunny side up, then you can just eat it as it is. But i prefer mine cook through, so i popped it back to the oven and continue baking for 5 mins.

Healthy Egg "Mayo"

Boil eggs in hot water for 7-9 mins. 
(mine kinda have a little crack ! so my whites were all over the place :( )

once eggs are done. Separate the yolks with the whites.

In the yolks, add in a tablespoon of Yogurt (Yes, YOGURT ! A good replacement for MAYO!) and a dash of pepper.

Using a spoon, just mix everything until it becomes a smooth pale yellow thick sauce.

Just use a fork and smash your egg whites.

Add the whites into the yellow "sauce" :D

& Taddaaaa, Heathly version of Egg Mayo !

Egg in a hole

I'm not going to put a lot of pictures for this. Cause it's super easy, just slice a piece of capsicum and on a non-stick pan, just crack an egg inside the capsicum. :D (please put fire on low.. )
slow wait until the egg is cook half way through. and you're done ! Super easy right !!

& that's how you can make your eggs a little more interesting.  You can serve on it's own, or match it will some nice whole meal bread or nice salad ! :D  
YUMM YUMMM !  So stay healthy and eat right ! & don't forget to join the DOVE's SKINDULGENCE PLEDGE last day to pledge is on the 10 April , you might just win a Trip to Krabi ! :DD

That's all for this post.. Gd nights.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DOVE, Better than MILK !

My syok sendiri face ! haha.. Hello everyone, I finally back on my blog.. (it's been donkey years since i updated. ) sorry ya, kept falling sick recently.. so didn't had much strength to think of things to update on my blog.. Some more recently just recovered from high fever ! T.T but i'm slightly better now, if you're concern ! ~  hahahaha.. 

So I will be blogging about DOVE Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture and also their launch for their Skindulgence campaign. This campaign would like to encourage all women to take a step further to pledge through the DOVE' School of Skindulgence Facebook Campaign to love yourself with 3 pillars : which is to - pamper yourself, eat right and stay active!  Doing all these with simple no-hassle, no-fuss, inexpensive activities that they can do at home for themselves. :)

I'm sure everyone have heard of the brand Dove, but do you know how good is their body wash ? !

Dove® Body Wash has an unique blend of moisturising & nourishing ingredients replenishes nutrients back into the skin while you take your shower.  

To prove that Dove Body Wash really nourishes and moisturise our skin, they had a product testing for us to try to compare Dove's Body Wash with Milk, to see which one gives more moisture ! (I'm telling you, you will be surprise with result ! )

Dove's Body Wash Product Testing

"So why choose DOVE ?"  haha

photo credits to The Butterfly Projects :) 

Dove team prepared a product testing for us to compare both Dove's Body wash with Milk, to see why Dove's nourishes your skin better than Milk.. 

 First of all they will measure how moist is your skin to have a baseline measurement. Mine was about 35.2%..

Then for the first demo, they will use the Milk to wash your wrist & after washing they will measure your skin's moisture to see the difference. After washing with Milk, mine drop to 34.9% ! :(  haha.. It didn't increase, instead it decrease. So those myth of bathing your body with milk will give your silky smooth skin was a LIE! hahahaha.. 

Next, they continue washing my other wrist with the Dove's Body Wash. Which was very nice smell~ :) After the washing and wiping it dry, they measured and it was 64 % !  O.O OMG ! it increase almost 10%... (sorry, i didn't upload a picture of the measuring machine, the numbers were was really blur !  But it's true , i no joke you !)

Awhhhhh~  So smooth ~ 


Because of the Launch for Skindulgence Campaign, one of the pillars is to EAT RIGHT !  So that had a mini cooking class for us, to teach us on how to make something healthy with only a few ingredients and with limited time. Cause people tend to neglect their diet because preparing and cooking is such a hassle and so time consuming. & people result in eating out, which usually is unhealthy food.  
So.. why not make something, easy, quick & inexpensive. :D

Chef preparing simple salad dishes..

 Soba & edamame Salad (Japanese inspired salad !)

Chicken with Broccoli Salad ! (Yumss ) 

Then it was our turn to do the preparing.. haha.. I was so busy taking picture and looking around ! I totally forgot what was what.. and where goes to where.. omg. Headless chicken mood was on for awhile.. until Swee san who actually did her cooking session before us came to the rescue. HAHA! She was telling is what goes into what... 

TADAAAA! Our meal ! 
(because of our blurr-ness, we were the last to finish, everyone was already packing ! )


So you're probably wondering what is this Skindulgence thing that everyone is talking about. If you follow The Butterfly Project on Facebook (which you should most definitely should !!) They have been updating post regarding about the Dove's School of Skindulgence. 

Earlier i mention Dove® School of Skindulgence is actually a challenge to achieve 3 main pillars of Skinduglence within 21 days. This 3 main pillars would be :- pamper yourself, eat right, and stay active.

It's really simple, you just have to go to their Facebook page : My Dove Body Wash and click on their School of Skindulgence which is on the right hand side of the page. 
Sign up with your instagram account and pick your pledge date.

& 21 days share at least one photograph daily on how you pamper yourself, eat right and stay active in the comforts of your own home. Simply just hashtag #skindulgence #betterthanmilk #eatright #stayactive . Total of 21 pictures with 7 pictures of each pillar. (& yes, you can of cause upload more pictures but Max with 63 pictures, 21 per pillar)

For total of eight weeks, 3 winners will be selected each week based on creativity on each activity & they will each win Rm100 worth of Dove Body Wash Hamper. The 10 grand prize winners will have the memorable experience of a 3 day 2 night island getaway to Krabi. O.O

So don't miss your chance to win yourself a holiday getaway !! 

So drop by leading pharmacies, hypermarkets & supermarkets to get your Dove body wash, which is available in all variants - Beauty Nourishing, Gentle Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin, Fresh Touch, Energize & Revive in 1 Litre Bottle at only RM22.90 / 200ml at RM5.90. 

When are you going to Pledge?  I'm starting Tomorrow ! :)

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