Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3 little Eggs (Egg Recipe)

Awhhh , Hello blog. it's been awhile. Been neglecting my blog ever since the new year. Sorry ya !  But i taught this was an interesting post for me to put up. Even tho, it's not really my usual content. But it's a life style blog right, so wth. haha.
So who like eggs ??  I'm a serious egg lover ! But too much might kill you (not literally! at least not too much yolks. whites are fine. )

So today wanted to blog about 3 different ways to cook your eggs ! Well, been participating in Dove's Skindulgence pledge for a better life. It's a 21 day challenge to pamper yourself, eat right and stay active !
So it kinda inspired me to do this recipe for you guys.. Cause it's like super easy, and super yummy ! & you will always have eggs lying around !  (I mean like, Who's hse doesn't have eggs ?! )

Egg Cloud

Things you will need (besides eggs!) : Spring onions (finely slice), salt & pepper (to taste) & spices (i used Garam Masala.) 

(Side note: you can always put any other type of vege or seasoning, i use these cause it was available at home. You can even put in bacon bits if you're feeling more meaty ! :D) 

I'm gonna start off with the Egg Cloud. Which i think it's my favorite ! But it takes a little work, but no worries nothing you can't handle. Just separate 3 yolks with the whites. 

& then with an electric whisk, just beat egg white until stiff peaks... which will look like this..

After beating for 5-7 mins.

add in the spring onion, salt, pepper & spice.

OPPSS ! i forgot you also need cheese !! I'm using Cheddar cheese. (yes, any savory cheese is fine.)

Spoon it onto a Baking sheet & bake for 10-15 mins.
(PLEASE DON'T USE FOIL ! i made terrible mistake , it was super difficult to remove it ! )

& just spoon over the egg yolks

if you like a sunny side up, then you can just eat it as it is. But i prefer mine cook through, so i popped it back to the oven and continue baking for 5 mins.

Healthy Egg "Mayo"

Boil eggs in hot water for 7-9 mins. 
(mine kinda have a little crack ! so my whites were all over the place :( )

once eggs are done. Separate the yolks with the whites.

In the yolks, add in a tablespoon of Yogurt (Yes, YOGURT ! A good replacement for MAYO!) and a dash of pepper.

Using a spoon, just mix everything until it becomes a smooth pale yellow thick sauce.

Just use a fork and smash your egg whites.

Add the whites into the yellow "sauce" :D

& Taddaaaa, Heathly version of Egg Mayo !

Egg in a hole

I'm not going to put a lot of pictures for this. Cause it's super easy, just slice a piece of capsicum and on a non-stick pan, just crack an egg inside the capsicum. :D (please put fire on low.. )
slow wait until the egg is cook half way through. and you're done ! Super easy right !!

& that's how you can make your eggs a little more interesting.  You can serve on it's own, or match it will some nice whole meal bread or nice salad ! :D  
YUMM YUMMM !  So stay healthy and eat right ! & don't forget to join the DOVE's SKINDULGENCE PLEDGE last day to pledge is on the 10 April , you might just win a Trip to Krabi ! :DD

That's all for this post.. Gd nights.


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