Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Baking relaxes me !

This picture is not my finest moment, but it's usually my happiest ! I seriously don't know why, but i LOVE baking ! It's like my anti-depression / stress-free  drug ! When i'm baking, it's like I can just "zone" out and forget about life.. (with all the BS in it !)  Well, sometimes i wonder why this feeling didn't come sooner, so i would take a culinary course (or something related!). Ended up doing accounting.. which i'm struggling now to get out from ! HAHA..  to tell you the truth, it's really not my thing! T.T   But owh well, I guess baking can still be a hobby right ?

So with the weekend available.. I met up with my babe, Molly, who is actually a culinary student. She's actually major-ing in pastry. So this is really her expertise ! I'm like such a newbie, i learned baking from youtube !
I actually known Molly since i was 12, so about 9 years !  Omg, it sounds like so long we have known each other. We have our ups and downs.. and we hardly meet each other (with our busy schedule!) But when we do, (OMG!)  We can go on and on and on.. like grandmothers !  hahaha..

It's been awhile since we had a meet up, and she will be busy doing her intern-ship! So thank god we had some time to meet up.. to BAKE !  haha..

Actually i was the one suggested wanted to bake. I think she bake until she sien already, everyday have to bake !  haha. So she just layan me only !  

We just did something really simple, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes !  she wanted to do something unique, so be did a rainbow meringue frosting !

hehe ! Selfie moment !

OKAY ! Looking awfully scary here. But that's my baking look ! XD 

Us in action !  haha.. (Yup, if you're wondering, feather tattoo she js did it a ytd!)

Failed. XD

This is our end result. We got so frustrated with the staking of the frosting, we just made flat ones. LOL!  to tell you the truth.. Even i won't eat it. cause i don't really like things that look artificial ! hahah.. But i guess it's just for show..

I ended up taking back all the cupcakes for me and my family.. (I cut off all the frosting part and threw it away HAHAH!)
But it was a really nice meet up session ! We got to update each other of our current life.. and i really hope she takes good care of herself ! :D

Well that's all for this post.. wanted to upload something random ! :)


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