Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One City, The most happening City !

This is the amazing view on the 10th floor of One City. 

"One One One city, the most happening city ~"  song sounds familiar?  haha.. I guess usually people who gets stuck in traffic jam, you're bound to hear this on the radio ! HAHA!  
I was kinda curious of this One city, cause when it was newly open, i see my instagram feed filled with pictures of people's feet over a transparent glass.. I didn't get it at first, so wanted to come see it for myself.. 

So Daniel bought me here, since it was a free Sunday night for us. & i was like bugging him to bring me for almost a week !  HAHA!  

a pic of us before getting down ! <3
(hmmmm, face seems a little rounder here :( )

10th Floor 

 Signature , feet on glass picture. (a must take when you're here!)

If you're the first time here. This view, will make you pee your pants ! (literally !!)  When i step on the glass, my legs immediately became soggy ! I'm really afraid of height.. But i guess this was the main extraction of One City ! 
I keep imagining the possible outcome if some would have accidentally break a glass.. and like people would be falling !  haha.. yes i know, i'm evil. XD !  you probably have the same idea ! 

 suddenly found a warm ball to sit on !  (haha!)

This is how high i was.. view from 1st Floor ! You can actually see people walking around the roof ! 

They have so many nice restaurants here, kinda have the Scott Garden and Publika feel.  & they have a huge GYM and a huge CINEMA ! It's really a nice place to go and do some window shopping or just enjoy the great view ! We already had dinner before we arrived, so after touring the place, we bought movie tickets to the 300 !! (Movie review:  the first 300 was better, this 300 wasn't what i expected !  It was kinda sad storyline!

had some OOTD shots taken in the Car park before leaving. 

Really love my floral shorts, i bought it last year when i went to BKK, Finally pulled out my clothes and started wearing them ! haha.. I'm going for my second around of SHOPPING HAUL next week. Will be leaving for holiday (FINALLY) for almost a week.. This time will try to spend on clothes that i really need. Cause i'm feeling kinda broke ! HAHA.. Hopefully all goes well, during the trip. Cause i heard BKK recently had a bomb explosion... Will update you all soon on my DANGEROUS Shopping trip ! hahaha.. 

Btw, If you're wondering where is One City, here's the add :

Garden Shoppe One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A,
47640, Subang Jaya. Selangor.

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