Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to have an Emoji Keyboard for S3 (Android) ?

Hello hello ! Selamat pagi tuan tuan dan puan puan ! How is the weekend ?  Hopefully productive.
Mine was kinda a homie weekend..  Despite that, still feel like sleeping !

Anyways, wanted to do this post for everyone, especially those who are using s3 or android phone who doesn't have an EMOJI KEYBOARD !  (I found out only Samsung s3 only have this problem..)

I'm telling you, it sucks not having an emoji keyboard.. when i first got my phone (which was about 2 years back) I taught you only could put emoji on Whatsap..
& then sometimes, i would see people send me a blank comment on my instagram. I found out that it was an emoji when my sis use her iphone to see my picture.. T.T Sad case right ?
(I can see some of my friends who are iphone users asking me to change phone ady !)

Well, Cause i'm a BROKE WOMAN! so the only option is to find out where to download emoji.
When i just got my phone i tried to download the Emoji Keyboard App , but it won't appear on my keyboard on instagram and Facebook.. So really no point la !
I googled and youtube to find how to download a Emoji keyboard, (guess what!) you need to plug it in your computer and download la, change file name la.. and etc etc..  OMGG! it was such a hassle !

So i finally found another way to download an emoji keyboard!  HASSLE free !  :D

1) Download Emoji Keyboard App which looks like this ↑

2) Then Download this GoKeyboard app

3) Go to Setting >> My Device >> Language & input

4) Click on Default 

5) & Choose GO Keyboard 


It's super easy.. Well, for those who have a better and easier way, feel free to comment down below ! I'm all good to find a better and faster way ! :D


Hope you find this Info useful !
Cheers.. :)

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