Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Date with Beauty !

Hello peepos !  Been snoozing in my shell for quite sometime. Bursting out of it and writing this post for all of you who are still with me on my blog. If you're snoozing, at lease snooze while reading my blog kay ?  hahaha.. anyways, here's my post with a Date with beauty (thanks to Guardian !)  Who is one of the Top Pharmacy's in Malaysia. (Really love shopping in Guardian it's like a mini mart for beauty and health supplies ! )  & not forgetting Butterfly projects ( Mama-san, Tammy jie~) who inviting me to this awesome & huge event ! 

It was really exciting, cause i heard the previous time when they had this event which was last year, everyone had super loads of fun ! so i was ready to be beautify (since it was a date with beauty..) haha.. 
When i heard there was going to be a make over, I didn't even bother putting on any make up (maybe just my eye brows la.. How to not draw your brows when go out ?  )  i had my naked face and only my eye brow..

My Naked face before the Make Over.. :)  
sorry for the triple eye lids, didn't had enough sleep the previous night !  )

Yes, we had to take a selfie first before starting, w/ sis! 
(It's the new trend ! hahhaa #lemmetakeaselfie )

Opening Event

The event started with dancers dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams!♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

 Snap snap snap !

Then they had the Guardian's COO, Ms Loi Liang Tok (Lady in white in the middle) to have an official Launch for the event. :) She also said that, "Guardian remains committed to constantly aim for the betterment of the quality of life by promoting health, beauty & Wellness to the community in which it operate. 

Make-Over time

Guardian had set up this Super Diva station for us to do our Make-Over ! Really like all the stars, hahaha.. Got the fancy fancy light bulbs at the side.. haha.. so chio la ~

Ready to get make !  HAHAHA !

Guardian had A cut Above to do our Make-up and hair. So for each station there were someone to do your make-up and hair.. 

Ohhh gawd, the most sensitive part ! haha..

I think the lady who helped me with my make up, was kinda pissed at me.. cause i couldn't stay still.. HAHA! Sorry ! I'm just not use to letting people do my make-up, cause i'm so use to doing it myself. hardly let people pamper me ! 

My make over is almost done.. :)  still got my hair. hehe

CURLS for my crazy ass dry hair !
Which actually doesn't look so dry in this picture :D  I'm surprise ~

All DONE ! :)

The event was huge, so there many brand who participated : There were L'Oreal Paris, Maybeline New York, Alcon, Avene, Bio-Essence, BioGrow Oat BG22, Biore, Blackmores, Brands, Dermatix, Enchanteur, Hada Labo, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Oslee, Palmer's & Safi. 

They even had a super cute photo booth waiting for us (after we cantik cantik, we can go take picture!) hahaha... Some more it's Pink in color the booth !! They people were really nice, even if we wanted to retake the picture they were really patient with us.. hahaha.. 

 After our make over, need to document the moment of cause..
So here's a self shot with Carolyn & Melody ! :)

Lunch Time 

Once we were done with everything, we headed over to Dave's Deli to have our lunch !  Which was YUMMMYYYYY!   See , good food don't need filter ! Yums in my tums ~  The garlic bread with mushroom soup was the BOMB !  super delicious ~ so satisfying !

Guardian Make Over Contest 

Well, good news to all, because of Great Guardian Makeover, there will be having a Instagram Contest which is open to EVERYONE !

Simply just follow Guardian on Instagram at @guardianmalaysia : 

Snap a Selfie and submit the photo with a caption explaining 

"What makes you beautiful" (It must not be more than 20 words) & 

Tag @guardianmalaysia & #GuardianBeauties 

& you will be in the running to win a Designer Bag worth Rm1,140 ! So don't miss out ! 

More info please check out :
& you can actually visit their Online shop :

Hopefully to upload more reviews of the product i got from this event ! :)
So please keep calm and stay tune alright ! XOXO!

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