Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pancake Cafe, Siam สยาม Paragon (Bangkok)

Happy Wednesday EVERYONE ! Opss,  ↑ too much chocolate in the afternoon?  haha.. 

Wanted to do a review of a place i visit during my Bangkok trip. I know, No one in Malaysia have the right mind to fly all the way to bangkok to have this Super Awesome Dessert. But if you so happen to go to BKK, do drop by Siam สยาม Paragon to try their Pancake Cafe !  
It's super rich, nice & fluffy, and really all a girl with PMS can dream of !  HAHAHA ! ( yes, i had my period the second i touch down in BKK.)

This is actually my second trip to BKK, my sis and i actually booked the tickets really early.. but when the dates were closing, we weren't very excited.. 
So, that's why we kinda... ahem* missed our flight !  (that story will be continue another time !)

Anyways, cause it was our second time here. We kinda wanted to try more cafe food instead of road side. My sister actually recommended Mr. Jones & Orphanage or Shibuya Toast.. 
But it's like kinda mainstream, so we actually wonder around Siam Paragon's Food Court area.. Search for dessert place ~
Seriously, if you are a dessert lover you should definitely go to their Food Court the amount of dessert cafe and shops is crazy !  It's like dessert LALA land..  

 Secret Recipe is cheaper in Malaysia ~

 mmmmmmm.. Sconess~

 People actually sell macaroon for 40Bath per pc. 
Oh-my gawd. Expensive dao ! I think i also want start selling macaroon! 

Opsss, sorry!  a little tour around Siam Paragon and what to expect ! haha.. 
Back to my Pancake Cafe review.. hehe..

Pancake Cafe

There have a wide selections of different type of pancakes to choose from.. ( I wanted to try everything O.O)
So to order, just choose a which pancake you want (we chose the Nutella World ! because every table was having it, we got influence ! hahahahha)

& you can proceed in making your pancake. :)
1.  You choose the type of pancake you want.. 
2. Choose which type of fruits you want to top it with..
3. Choose Ice cream flavour.. 
4. Choose your Crispy toppings :)
5. Choose between whipped cream or whipped butter..
6. Choose their Homemade sauce. 

How to Resist !!   no wonder i gained when i was in BKK.. hahaha.. 
But it's seriously a GOOD PANCAKE ! no joke.. 
Those franchiser out there, think of having this cafe in Malaysia!  i tell you, sure will earn money ! 
I will be the first to support ! YUMMMMSSS~

Pancake Cafe 

Ground Floor, Siam Paragon, 
Bangkok, Thailand.

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