Monday, 12 May 2014

Mitasu Japanese Ala Carte Buffet Restaurant, at Central Plaza !

Hello everyone, I've wanting to do this post since forever. I can't wait to share this place with everyone, (if you love Japanese food like i do ! This place is a place you MUST VISIT !)
Daniel and I, LOVE LOVE LOVE eating Japanese food..
This place was actually recommended by my sister, which her friends took her during her birthday celebration.. hehe..

I actually visited this place twice ! (because it's so awesome.. and it's very reasonable!)
So i actually had more space in my stomach to order more, and take different pictures of the food ! hehe..
I went there first with my family to have some family bonding session.. then i brought Daniel the second time, cause i was so excited that i found such an amazing place ! LOL!


The environment of the restaurant is really nice and cosy, the restaurant is not really big, so sits are really limited, it's best if you call and book before hand.. even though the restaurant's isn't very big, but surprisingly is not very stuffy.The sitting place is arrange so that it's not all jam packed.
So you can really enjoy your food, without having to worry about the spacing.. and feeling like tuna in a can !


I just realize, i've been blabbing so much , i didn't even intro the place..
So basically, Mitasu is a Japanese Ala Carte Buffet Restaurant.. 
It's about RM56.90++ for Adults, Senior Citizen is RM41.00++ and Children RM28.00++
So it's actually quite reasonable for an Ala carte Buffet ! :D
Be very amaze with all the wonderful food porn pictures which you are going to see...


 Duck salad.
(I really like this dish, the duck really complements the salad.. something unique.)



There also serve assorted ice cream flavours.. GREEN TEA & SESAME is a must try !! 

 Some selfies when we just arrive ! :)

We ate so much, by the time we left, i have no more waistline what so ever ! HAHA.
But the food was amazing, and the Raw food was really fresh..
If you're a fan of Japanese Food, you should definitely try this place..

Mitasu Japanese Buffet Restaurant  
B-01 , Central Plaza,
No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

Opening Hours for the A La Carte Buffet: 

Mon~ Fri :6:00pm~10:00pm (9.15pm last order)
Sat~Sun  :12:00pm~3:00pm (2.30pm last order)               
              6:00pm~10:00pm (9:15pm last order)

Contact: 03-2110 2833 

YES, I'm so full NOW !
Ciaozzz.. Hope you visit this place soon.. and let me know how is it ! *wink

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