Sunday, 25 May 2014

Updating a status..

When something happens, whether big or small, happy, sad, angry or even when you're super bored ! I'm sure everyone has this urge to update a status or tweet about it.
Why do we have this urge?  
Do we want the world to know ? (or indirectly to someone ?)
Does this give us satisfaction ?  
But after posting it, how does it make you feel better?  
by posting it does it provide as a sort of therapy?  
I'm just genuinely curious.. aren't you??

I'm not saying i'm not an emotional person, I am. I used to post emotional statuses and pictures, (i mean i still do it once in awhile.. ) I mean it's really quite hard for you not to do it, because it comes so naturally.. right? That's why I really envy those who can keep calm on the outside and ignore that urge to spill everything out on social media.. Especially when you're feeling super emotional and depress and Fb is super easy to access..

"Wouldn't it be nice, to share your emotional moments with someone.. or just to get an ear to listen. "

But there are moments when others expect you to show affection on social media, but you don't !
Does it mean you don't care? 

There is such a fine line : 
Post a status, and people says you're an attention seeker..
Don't post a status, and people says your emotionless.. 
hmmmmmm.. What ?  

(ahhhh, you're porbably thinking, screw it la, do what you like right ?!) HAHA!

Going through ups and downs lately, and i finally realise why people do stupid and crazy things when they are emotional. I used to say that i won't do all these stupid stuff if i ever encounter any emotional problems.. But *ahem.. here i am.. being a bloody hypocrite ! ( emo LVL : 1000 !)
So here comes the hard part, pulling yourself up from the situation as fast as possible..
(" put your emotional thoughts in a box, and let it rot somewhere at the back of your head !" quote my friend )
Cause seriously, no one likes to go out with a person who is constantly emotional, no much negativity is really quite hard to absorb !
I was taught from young " God gave everyone challenges in life, cause He knows that you can handle it.. "  
So Imma be a BS-sucker and suck it up, and be a WOMAN about it.. No emotional post!

Well, i did made a promise to everyone on FB that i'm gonna post only positive post on my social media this year.. so that's whats is going to happen. :D

"Happy thoughts, happy thoughtss..."

If you're going through some BS in your life now, just know that this feeling will pass (i promise you!).. Emotional feeling is the best drive to doing something useful, so after a week of mopping around and feeling sorry for yourself ! You betta get your butt up and do something about it, OKAY ! It's for your own good.. Saying this out gives me a little more hope.. ahhh~  hahaha..

Have a great week ahead.. :)

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