Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Matrix Biolage COLORLAST haircare series

Hi everyone,  was really busy for the past few weeks, didn't really have the chance to update my blog.
Yes, I'm still here not dead yet. :D
Anyways, just wanted to blog about this Shampoo i recently i used, and it really helped my damaged color hair.. 

The COLORLAST haircare series by Matrix Biolage is inspired by the anti-fade properties of the vibrrant orchid. The products are made using state of art fomulas which are inspired by nature, & they help to protect your hair, balance moisture & even out the hair's surface for saturated, shiny, vibrant color that stays truer.
With COLORLAST, you can have color vibrancy even after 9 weeks.

Biolage also emphasizes their strong brand values to achieve an ultimate vision of nature, science & seasonality, while having to reduce the impact to the environment through various manufacturing processes including formulas & packaging.. How good is that ! :D 

In 2014, after 23 years of extensive research, the Matrix Biolage R&D team developed a new technology entitled BIOMATCH allowing BIOLAGE to unlock the secret code of nature. The team studied how nature has found the most efficient way to flourish and overcome all tough conditions on the planet, and now Matrix Biolage uses this science to innovate and develop products that address every day hair concerns.
To celebrate the launch, Matrix invited members of the media, and some of its key trade partners for the launch including; Mr. Gan from Hairizon, Mr James Wong from Labell, Mr Lau from Beautility, Mr. Alan & Eddie from BMA, Mr. Lee from Uni Beauty, Ms. Sim from Grand Hair Beauty and Mr. Kelvin Teo from Hair Perfect. Representing Matrix were Mr. Heng Thang Yih, General Manager of Professional Products Division, Mr. Roy Kow, Matrix Brand Manager, and Mr. David Hwi, Assistant Product Manager, Marketing.

To unveil the four (4) newly reinvented Biolage Core ranges, Biolage invited four (4) female Malaysian icons which embody a Biolage core range most suited to their hair:
COLORLAST by Biolage has really helped my damaged hair to feel and look more softer ! 
If you're looking for something new or planning to change your hair care, you should definitely give Biolage a try.. they also have different series for different types of hair type : 


COLORLAST is inspired by the anti-fade properties of the vibrant orchid. The products are made using state of art formulas which are inspired by nature, and they help to protect your hair, balance moisture and even out the hair’s surface for saturated, shiny, vibrant color that stays truer. With ColorLast, you can have color vibrancy even after 9 weeks.
Embodying the ColorLast range is the Debbie Goh, who is the Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998 and an award winning actress who recently starred in the movie “Bullets over Petaling Street”.


HYDRASOURCE is inspired by the moisture retaining properties of the Aloe Plant. Your hair’s hydration levels are optimized through the absorption and retention of moisture. With this technology, hair is 15X more hydrated after just one (1) application.
Representing HydraSource range is Deanna Ibrahim of the reality TV show SupermodelMe (season 3), a model who has graced many catwalks and fashion runways.


The SMOOTHPROOF range was inspired by the resistant properties of the Camellia flower. Each camellia flower lives over 100 years, despite the monsoon, rainy seasons. The secret beneath is due to uninterrupted lipid production that insulates and smoothest each petal sealing humidity out. Hence, with Smoothproof, you can have UP TO 72 hours perfectly smooth hair.
Representing the SmoothProof range is Malaysia’s own international model Thanuja Ananthan who is also Miss Malaysia World 2009/2010.


The new franchise for fine limp hair, VOLUMEBLOOM, inspired by the expanding properties of the soft, fluffed cotton flower. It gives limp, lifeless hair voluminous body that lasts, with state of art formulas inspired by nature that mimic the expansive properties of the cotton flower. Now, by increasing inter-fiber space, hair is plumped and expanded with long lasting bouncy volume. Hence, with VOLUMEBLOOM, you can have UP TO 70% more volume after one application.
Representing VolumeBloom was none other than Malaysian actress Joanne Yew, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007, and the beautiful actress behind the current box office hit – “The Journey”.
Guests at the event also visited the product booths with scent corners and product displays to better understand each of the BIOMATCH Botanical product ranges where each range’s key botanical was displayed in its original state. Guests even got to savour drinks themed across the botanicals while exploring the new ranges over delicious canap├ęs.

Photo credits: L’Oreal Malaysia

that's all for today ! <3

Thursday, 19 June 2014

encounter with a snatch thief !

Been dormant with blogging for almost 3 weeks.. well, nothing much has really happen, only that i almost got robbed !

Yes, ALMOST. but didn't.
I'm one lucky woman. I got away with some bruises on my arm..
I know it's kinda a weird topic to share on my blog, but i think i just wanted to share this experience to others so that you can actually prevent this from happening to you !

Basically this what happen to me :
I just finish a study class at Brickfields and was walking to my car, I had to walked quite a distant to my car..
It was already 9.20pm and the streets lights were really deem..
While walking i was playing with my phone while sling my bag on my arm.. (my bag was on my left side which was facing towards the main road.. )
Yes, it was a golden opportunity to snatch my bag.. Cause i made myself such an easy target !
But i wasn't really thinking .. and the minute i heard the motorcyclist, it was too late..
He tried snatching my bag, but with auto reflex, i pulled it away and he kinda lost control of his bike and drop my bag.. (while all this happened i was too shocked to actually give any reaction so i kinda scream.. )
After he dropped my bag, he kinda gave me that really scary face ! like he was super pissed !
I was so scared he was actually going to turn back..
After he left i kinda speed walk to my car ( i didn't had proper shoes to run.. )

People say girls should take self defence classes, but i did learn before..
But i'm telling you, if you don't practice it everyday.. it really equals zero..
Cause at that moment when you're in shock.. your brain will kinda blank out !

Two days have passed since that incident, but it's still kinda shocking and my stupid brain of mind sometimes run wild and start imagining " what if... they wanted to kidnapped me?"
Things like that... ahhhhhh.. I really wouldn't know what to do ! (still in shock mode ..)

You can't really stop people from snatching your bag, but making yourself a hard target is possible.
Prevention always better than cure right..
So ladies, try to carry your bag on the side that is not facing towards the road.. (even if it's your uncomfortable side, it's only awhile until you reach your car, bus stop, house.. )
DON'T PLAY with your PHONE while walking (or driving..) cause it seems like your not paying attention to your surrounding so it makes you a more easier target.
If possible try to walk against the traffic, that way you can actually see if there is any suspicious coming your way..

I guess most girls already know all of this, it's kinda general knowledge.. But it really important to keep practising it..
Cause things like this happen when you lease expect ! !

Sorry to scare you on a Friday.. just wanted to bring some awareness to all ladies ! (& men who wear handbags ><)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Maiu Japanese Ala Carte Buffet (Seri Petaling)

Ahhh, It's Monday again. Are you feeling the monday blues? 
Hopefully not !  But if you are, then i have something to cheer your monday blues.. (Hopefully~)
Been posting sashimi all over my instagram.. So if you're a Japanese food junkie like me, then yes, you should definitely try this place ! But if you aren't, go also la. It might just turn you ! O.O
You never know ! haha..

 Not long ago i did a post on Mitasu which is also a Japanese Buffet, Because it was such a yummy experience, wanted to just try out other places. so i did some research and found this cute place, surprisingly there have an outlet in Seri petaling (which is super near my house !)
So the location for me is such a plus ! :D hehe
But they also have an outlet in Damansara as well.. :)  If you stay pj area then can visit their other outlet. 

This is their price for their buffet : 
Adult is RM 48.80+ 
Children is RM25.80+

 Some green tea before we start some foodporn pictures ? haha


 First round of Sashimi 

 Second round ! 

 Third Round ! O.O

 SABA fish :)  Yummssss like crazy !

 Edamame (Best snack ever! )

 Some type of tofu.. (I forgot the name) 
Really love the texture, cripsy on the outside.. soft on the inside !

 Salad :D


Green tea and Wasabi Ice cream !
(yes, wasabi ice cream ! quite unique but a little strange .. cause kinda spicy!)

my other Japanese food Junkie ! haha !
(Yes, we are still talking to each other.. )

Omgggg.. so full !  haha

Interior design

The restaurant is a little small, but the overall design is quite nice.. cozy and clean environment. 

This is our bill for 2 person.. not bad right.. haha !  
(we eat sashimi like no tomorrow !)

Maiu Japanese Ala Carte Buffet :

Seri Petaling Branch:
No.30-1, Jalan Radin Anum 2, 
Bandar baru seri Petaling,
57000, Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-90575017 (call for reservation)

Damansara Branch:
G-3A, The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820, P.J

Phone : 03-77290015 (call for reservation)

Cheras Branch:

No.41, Jln Temenggong 21/9, 
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200, Cheras, Selangor.

Phone: 03-90100777

That's all, so make reservation !  A must try place ! :D

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hair Depot : 5-mins Makeover Challenge

Hello everyone !
Besides today is TGIF, i'm super crazily happy cause i WON myself a 360 auto spin curler !
Yes, This is what i'm going to blog about today.. The awesomest curler i have gotten..
Cause i'm one of those lazy girls, who loves to be beautiful but just damn lazy sometimes.. so this curler really suitable for me ! HAHA!..

Mid of May, I was invited by The Butterfly Projects who is collaborating with Hair Depot to launch their latest Auto Spin Curler. I was super excited, cause this is actually my second hairdepot event. I really love hairdepot products and accessories, it's such a convenient hair care store that you can get almost everything you need for your hair..(regardless what hair type you are: dry, oily, combination, they have everything!)

So with the launch for the 360 auto spin curler, Hair Depot have organize a 5 Minute Makeover Challenge for us to show us how easy it is to use the Curler.. (*excited much !)

5 Minute Makeover Challenge

They have set up an area for us to curl our hair. :)

People from Hair Depot is doing a demo for us on how to use the Curler.

so here's a mini introduction of this (super awesome) curler:

L| R (button):  Push left/ right to indicate how you want to curler to spin. It can spin 360.. (that's why it's call a 360 auto spin curler.. haha)

On (+) | OFF (-) (button) : it has a duo purpose : 1) Hold on it to On/Off  the curler & 2) Press on it to Increase or decrease the temperature.. 

Increasing and decreasing the temperature is really up to your hair condition, if your hair have been bleach or colored then you're recommended to decrease the temperature. :) (or you're hair will become grass after that !)

Seems like so easy when you see the person showing you a demo, but you know me with no hair curling back ground. (orang yg sangat malas!
When i first started i was kind of struggling, but the staff they helped me out by holding my hair.. but after that i got a hang of it.. 
and it's actually super easy, you just have to place your hair in the curler and push the left and right button..
and surprisingly your hair won't get stuck in the curler at all, once it's curled it will naturally fall of the curler when you release it.. 

This is my before and after picture of my hair.. 
Yes, i know i could have done a better job, but i only had 5 mins.. already so nice okayy! (imagine i had 30mins, omggg my hair will look AMAZING! HAHA! *self-praising)

 Left and right the curlers not balance.. LOL!

This is my sexy partner for the challenge ! 

& here's Tammy (our Mama-san), announcing the winners for the Challenge !
I was super excited, but at the same time kinda think i didn't win.. cause i did manage to curl all my hair in time.. 
Super happy and crazyyy jumpy on the inside.. and trying my best not to show it out.. 

photo credits to Jennifur ! :D

Hello Choulyin helping to curl my remaining uncurl hair :)  Thankk youu!

Really want to thank Jennifur for everything, cause she was the one who helped me out with all the photo taking !
Here's her blog link :  (go check her out!)

Here's a Video on How to use the 360 auto spin Curler..

If you're interested, head on over to your nearest Hair Depot to pick up this amazing curler for only RM380 ! ( if you want know where are their other stores located go to my Previous post..

Hair Depot, e@curve :
No, 1-33, e@curve,
Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
PJ, 47810, Selangor.

Open from 10:30am - 10:00pm daily


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