Wednesday, 4 June 2014

1st Beachside trip : PULAU PERHENTIAN

Vroooooooooooooom.. HELLO, everyone..  How are things hanging? haha..
Well, last weekend i was able to visit one of the amazing and beautiful island in Malaysia.. PULAU PERHENTIAN ! 
It was just a short weekend trip, we left on Friday night until Sunday night..
This is actually my first trip actually visiting a beach side for holiday, usually i go beach sides just to walk around the beach and not actually stay nearby a beach and do water activities.. 
So this is really my first time having the beach side experience.. 
Yes, i know. i sangat outdate.. but what to do, previously no kaki- to bring me go ma..
Ohh, and before i start, just wanted apologise for my severe eye bag, i didn't had much sleep and most of the time doing water sports.. so most of the pictures are without any make! hehe..  


We drove all the way down to Terrenganu and hop on the ferry to the island..
It was a crazy drive, it was a 6 hrs drive from K.L -> Terrenganu ! On top of that we left K.L at around midnight and arrive at 6am..
Like everyone says, "you have to work to get something Good!"
If you want near ? go port dickson !  XD  dirty as hell .. 
I guess 6 hours drive was quite worth it, cause I'm tell you the ocean is FREAKING CLEAN !
It's so clean until you can see that the water is deep dark blue ! O.O

Bubbles Dive Resort

We stayed at Bubbles Dive Resort, which was recommended by a friend. The resort is great, the beachside is freaking clean !  But it's on the more quiet side of the beach, because it's nearer to where the turtles are.. So if you're looking for some place which is quiet to getaway, Bubbles is definitely the Resort you want..
But, for us, 4.. was kinda boring.. cause there was really nothing else to do after we finish our water activity.. That's why, we kinda sleep really early like 10-11pm.. haha..
(which was actually quite good la, cause we were quite tired from the 6 hours drive.. )

Water sports

On Sunday, early in the morning, we sign on to join the snorkelling tour around the islands..
We were told that we were expected to see sharks & turtle..
I was super excited, cause.. first time ma. (muka like samsing, constantly hyper !)
We had a few stops to see different things around the islands..

 Otw to our first stop..

Yes, my early morning.. scary face.. (let's take selfie !)

This was our first stop.. THE SEA BELL !
( you're probably thinking what to see right.. just a lame ass concrete in the middle of the sea.. but what you didn't know is.. you can do with it !)

Getting ready to ... JUMMPPPP!

I didn't got my mid air shot.. 
(cause i was to heavy.. hit the water too fast ! XD)

my awkward face ! ==

Then we went snorkelling most of the time, but I don't have a water proof camera. so can't take the amazing view of the corals in the sea ! :D
So you will need to go to the island to see it for yourself !! MUST MUST !

We saw GODZILLA in the SKY ! :D

 & then it's time to go back !
I really had an amazing trip, never taught Mother nature could be this awesome ! 
If you have not visited Pulau Perhentian yet, you should definitely go and visit.. (although its a long journey, but it's definitely worth it !)

Much loves.. 

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