Thursday, 19 June 2014

encounter with a snatch thief !

Been dormant with blogging for almost 3 weeks.. well, nothing much has really happen, only that i almost got robbed !

Yes, ALMOST. but didn't.
I'm one lucky woman. I got away with some bruises on my arm..
I know it's kinda a weird topic to share on my blog, but i think i just wanted to share this experience to others so that you can actually prevent this from happening to you !

Basically this what happen to me :
I just finish a study class at Brickfields and was walking to my car, I had to walked quite a distant to my car..
It was already 9.20pm and the streets lights were really deem..
While walking i was playing with my phone while sling my bag on my arm.. (my bag was on my left side which was facing towards the main road.. )
Yes, it was a golden opportunity to snatch my bag.. Cause i made myself such an easy target !
But i wasn't really thinking .. and the minute i heard the motorcyclist, it was too late..
He tried snatching my bag, but with auto reflex, i pulled it away and he kinda lost control of his bike and drop my bag.. (while all this happened i was too shocked to actually give any reaction so i kinda scream.. )
After he dropped my bag, he kinda gave me that really scary face ! like he was super pissed !
I was so scared he was actually going to turn back..
After he left i kinda speed walk to my car ( i didn't had proper shoes to run.. )

People say girls should take self defence classes, but i did learn before..
But i'm telling you, if you don't practice it everyday.. it really equals zero..
Cause at that moment when you're in shock.. your brain will kinda blank out !

Two days have passed since that incident, but it's still kinda shocking and my stupid brain of mind sometimes run wild and start imagining " what if... they wanted to kidnapped me?"
Things like that... ahhhhhh.. I really wouldn't know what to do ! (still in shock mode ..)

You can't really stop people from snatching your bag, but making yourself a hard target is possible.
Prevention always better than cure right..
So ladies, try to carry your bag on the side that is not facing towards the road.. (even if it's your uncomfortable side, it's only awhile until you reach your car, bus stop, house.. )
DON'T PLAY with your PHONE while walking (or driving..) cause it seems like your not paying attention to your surrounding so it makes you a more easier target.
If possible try to walk against the traffic, that way you can actually see if there is any suspicious coming your way..

I guess most girls already know all of this, it's kinda general knowledge.. But it really important to keep practising it..
Cause things like this happen when you lease expect ! !

Sorry to scare you on a Friday.. just wanted to bring some awareness to all ladies ! (& men who wear handbags ><)

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