Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hair Depot : 5-mins Makeover Challenge

Hello everyone !
Besides today is TGIF, i'm super crazily happy cause i WON myself a 360 auto spin curler !
Yes, This is what i'm going to blog about today.. The awesomest curler i have gotten..
Cause i'm one of those lazy girls, who loves to be beautiful but just damn lazy sometimes.. so this curler really suitable for me ! HAHA!..

Mid of May, I was invited by The Butterfly Projects who is collaborating with Hair Depot to launch their latest Auto Spin Curler. I was super excited, cause this is actually my second hairdepot event. I really love hairdepot products and accessories, it's such a convenient hair care store that you can get almost everything you need for your hair..(regardless what hair type you are: dry, oily, combination, they have everything!)

So with the launch for the 360 auto spin curler, Hair Depot have organize a 5 Minute Makeover Challenge for us to show us how easy it is to use the Curler.. (*excited much !)

5 Minute Makeover Challenge

They have set up an area for us to curl our hair. :)

People from Hair Depot is doing a demo for us on how to use the Curler.

so here's a mini introduction of this (super awesome) curler:

L| R (button):  Push left/ right to indicate how you want to curler to spin. It can spin 360.. (that's why it's call a 360 auto spin curler.. haha)

On (+) | OFF (-) (button) : it has a duo purpose : 1) Hold on it to On/Off  the curler & 2) Press on it to Increase or decrease the temperature.. 

Increasing and decreasing the temperature is really up to your hair condition, if your hair have been bleach or colored then you're recommended to decrease the temperature. :) (or you're hair will become grass after that !)

Seems like so easy when you see the person showing you a demo, but you know me with no hair curling back ground. (orang yg sangat malas!
When i first started i was kind of struggling, but the staff they helped me out by holding my hair.. but after that i got a hang of it.. 
and it's actually super easy, you just have to place your hair in the curler and push the left and right button..
and surprisingly your hair won't get stuck in the curler at all, once it's curled it will naturally fall of the curler when you release it.. 

This is my before and after picture of my hair.. 
Yes, i know i could have done a better job, but i only had 5 mins.. already so nice okayy! (imagine i had 30mins, omggg my hair will look AMAZING! HAHA! *self-praising)

 Left and right the curlers not balance.. LOL!

This is my sexy partner for the challenge ! 

& here's Tammy (our Mama-san), announcing the winners for the Challenge !
I was super excited, but at the same time kinda think i didn't win.. cause i did manage to curl all my hair in time.. 
Super happy and crazyyy jumpy on the inside.. and trying my best not to show it out.. 

photo credits to Jennifur ! :D

Hello Choulyin helping to curl my remaining uncurl hair :)  Thankk youu!

Really want to thank Jennifur for everything, cause she was the one who helped me out with all the photo taking !
Here's her blog link :  (go check her out!)

Here's a Video on How to use the 360 auto spin Curler..

If you're interested, head on over to your nearest Hair Depot to pick up this amazing curler for only RM380 ! ( if you want know where are their other stores located go to my Previous post..

Hair Depot, e@curve :
No, 1-33, e@curve,
Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
PJ, 47810, Selangor.

Open from 10:30am - 10:00pm daily


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