Thursday, 24 July 2014

21st Birthday Celebration ! Part 2 : CAKE & PHOTO !

HELLO EVERYONE ! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WISHES AND FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAME FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND ALSO FOR MY PRESENTS... and the list goes on and on.. I'm just the happiest girl in the world. Been so busy stressing and planning, in the beginning of all the planning i was quite negative with everything cause was quite stressed out that most of the things was not going according to planned. But i finally realize on that day, nothing can be 100% prefect, you just have to take a leap of faith.

During the actual day of set up CLICK HERE (to check out how and what i did for my set up.) I just wanted to be truly happy and just enjoy my birthday celebration. So i told myself no bull crap is making me unhappy that day. HAHA! so i just cleared my mind and started with all the set-up.. together with Daniel and Rachel (Thank GOD they were there to helped me with the set-up.. or not i would probably died of exhaustion !) 

Quickly, finished the set up, me and rachel ran down to Tesco to do some last minute shopping for drinks and paper utensils (while Daniel went back to get the speakers). After that, we came back, we quickly rush to get ready for the party.. We were so hungry and tired before the party even started.. So 3 of us quickly grab food before anyone arrive. 

before anyone arrive rachel and i took some shots first.. hehe!
( she look stunning with her white dress on!)

Arrival of guest

People started coming in at 7pm, even though i told them to come in by 6.30pm. Aiya, Malaysian time.. cannot be trusted.. most of the crowd came at 8-9pm onwards.. so it was quite quiet in the beginning.. haha..

 a group picture with these amazing bunch ! :D

& i was super surprise that Amanda & Emily came. Cause they said they were both busy and couldn't come ! hahaha.. Really appreciate you guys coming !:D


So while we were waiting for Daniel to bring more people up from downstairs, My sis taught of a ice-breaker game that we could play. She calls it the "Sally game" named after her friend. No idea why, But basically how the game works, during this game you will have someone else's name, and someone else will have your name, once a person calls you by your new name and you answer, you will need to down one shot. If you someone calls your own name you answer you will also need to drink.. I know now it sounds a little confusing but once you played it, it's really simple. :D

It was really a goof ice-breaking game, everyone was quite awkward at first.. but after a few rounds.. people started warming up with each other. so it became slightly better ady.. :D

Thanks for these bunch for coming as well.. ahhh, I'm so happy they made it ! :D

Birthday Song for the birthday GIRL ! 

look at my satisfying face!
(hearing everyone singing to be my birthday song... :D )

Making my wish ... !

blowing out the candles.. for my brighter future!


 First & most important person ! <3 (my muscle man !)

making me laugh non-stop ! LOL!

 His been training to hard so that we could take this picture on my birthday..
(i was doing my workout and diet as well, thank god i lost almost 5kg, so that i wasn't that heavy ! XD)

 actually i was quite scared.. haha

first group picture with my friends from secondary school :D

love all the shots that were taken ! :D

 & then with all my amazing babes who are so stunning, LOVE THEM ALL TO BITSS! 
(actually i'm missing out Molly, who was suppose to come but she couldn't because she just finished her leg surgery T.T!  But totally understand, so she did send her regards to me <3 more thank enough ! hehehe)

 Group picture with Men in Black ! haha..

& of cause photo yang ber-pattern ! haha..

 & those who wore white ! :D

My beloved Rachel, who helped me so much with everything and always being there to support me at my worst and best.. Really appreciate everything she has done for me ! LOVE YOU MY BABE!

with my babe, Amanda.

with my sweetie, Emily.

with this pretty, Eugenia.

with my cute Mickey mouse ! XD

so not ready !

With the funny QUIK QUIK !

With the sweet couple, Wei Ting & Wen Keen.

William, why you so tall ?

with this joker, Kelvin !

with this cutie, Joey ! :D
(always ask him bring his gf, but then tak bawah. haha.. i want see her again la.. pls bring next time ! :DD)
Ah pek, why you so shy today?  Not like you le.. haha

with another sweet sweet couple, rachel with alvin ! :)

with Jason :D

Wenmun, can you see where's the camera ? XD

with Ewei 
(Do you think he looks like Dan Khoo with the snow cap on.. haha)

& last but not least, with my awesome sister who helped me cooked her 10 mins curry at the party. hehe.. THANK YOU!

with the late comers ! haha.. 

I know i posted this picture quite a number of times, but i kinda like my awkward face. haha !

That's all, the end of my crazy 21st party.. Thank you everyone for coming & for those who wished me ! I'm finally legal to go into Genting Casino. hahahhaha.. 

(& Btw, If you want to know any details or the apartment rental, balloons set up & dessert table, CLICK HERE to go to my other link, i did a blogpost about it all the details are there.. :D)

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