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21st Birthday Celebration ! Part 1 : Set Up

Hello everyone, I'm not sure whether you have notice that i have been quite dormant on my social media for the past month, just so you know it was planning for my 21st birthday celebration ! Yes, crazy as it sounds it took me about 1-2 months to get my theme and decorations done. Actually i wasn't really planning to throw any fancy party just wanted all my close friends to celebrate with me my birthday .. It's been so long since i get all dolled up for a big event.. (It's quite pressuring also knowing you will be the spot light for that event.. cause usually when there's too many people i will suddenly become socially awkward. HAHA..)

Well, going to start blogging about the set up for this event.. So that maybe when you're planning your event the next round you can not repeat my mistake and probably get it done sooner. haha.. (i'm a procrastinator.. so i know why it took so long... HAHA!)

Scott Garden SOHO

The first thing would be to find a place, whether is it an apartment or a bungalow, cafe or restaurant. Just make up your mind and make early booking. If you're a last minute person (like me!), the day i wanted to book it got taken by someone else :( .. So i had to do it on my actual day. But all is good..   

There are actually 3 types of layout of the apartment, CLICK HERE to go their Fb to see the other layout. (if you're wondering mine is SOHO 1. Nothing but the best for my 21st.. haha. & it's of cause the most classy one.. hehe) 

The prices of the apartment is as follow :

Sunday - Thursday (Weekday)
SOHO 1 : RM280
SOHO 2 : RM 250
SOHO 3: RM220 

Friday - Saturday (Weekend)
SOHO 1 : RM310
SOHO 2 : RM280
SOHO 3 : RM250

If your going to do a party there is an extra charge of RM50.

I think it's actually quite affordable, considering the location and the layout of the place. I really love the view and the interior design of the place. (no wonder i see so many birthday celebration being held here.. haha) But i think soon the price will also increase la.. 

The design of the apartment is really classy and it have the really relaxing feel, but one thing i didn't like that the lighting was a little to yellow and deem, so all the picture i took was quite yellow. I would prefer if it was white.. (for the sake of picture taking.. haha) Other than that, the apartment have 2 floors. I didn't take a picture of upstairs, but it's just one bedroom nothing much.. ( but the toilet on the upstairs, is quite awkward cause it's totally see through.. hahaha..)  But it's really prefect for a couple to have this place, if i had money i would probably buy one unit myself.. 
There also provide a fridge, a small kitchen area for you if you need to prepare any food. 

If you're interested you can email : 

Balloons Decoration

Have you seen my pictures on Facebook and Insta ?  Do you like my balloons ?  Hmmmm ? (i know you do.. hahaha!) Don't jealous wo,  HAHAHAHA!  You also can get it at your party also. I was actually looking high and low for this foil colored helium balloons, not every balloon shop sells this balloon. I actually saw a friend had it at his party so i asked his gf where did she buy it. So she actually recommended her friend to me. So all my worries and stress was wash away, i didn't had to go head hunting for a balloon maker anymore.. (the power of contacts.. hahaha!)

For the 21 shaped foil balloon, there actually have different color to choose from, like : gold, sliver, red & etc.. I choose red cause same color with my dress ma.. haha..& i also got another 10 white & 10 black ballons, cause my dress code for everyone was B&W. :D hehe..

The price for the balloon :

21 shaped foil balloon : RM70 per balloon (i took 2 numbers so it's RM140)
Helium round balloons : RM 3.50 per balloon

Yes, balloons are also quite pricey. But i guess it quite worth it cause it really gives a different vibe and a complete feel of the whole celebration.. not everytime you will be ordering balloons right, it's good to splurge once in awhile. haha..

So if you're interest to have MAX size balloons at your party, Feel free to contact :

Louis Tan - 0163336573
 (you can whatsap him as well, i'm sure he have other different types of balloon as well... )

PS:  He provides free delivery to KL area.. (so good right!!)


HAHA.. My awkward face..

(Opss, some of the candle kena the cake ! )

Hope people are interested with my little dessert table set up.. :D  Cause it's done by YOURS TRULY  ! haha.. I actually not only been busy with my birthday celebration. I was also planning for my mini business startup.. haha. What better way to promote it on my BIG DAY.. haha. Yes, it took alot of time and effort (if you're wondering, everything is homebaked on the table.) I was actually baking for 2 days straight (one day baking, one day frosting.. O.O) Yes, i'm crazy exhausted right now!

But despite that, i was so happy that everything came together ! (cause there some difficulty at some point, i was so scared that everything was going to fail.. but it didn't ! THANK GOD!) This is actually my first dessert table set up.. Really love how the dessert table blended in with the balloons at the back ! <3

 Vanilla Cupcakes Topped with Chocolate & vanilla frosting & macaroons.

 Chocolate ganache tart with soft marshmallows
My FAV : Lemon Custard tart with peach and strawberry topping

Was so busy with everything, didn't manage to take a good photo of my birthday cake.
But here's the inside, pink layering. My 2 tier pink layer ruffle cake ! :D

If you're interested to get a dessert table set up at your event just go to :

or visit our Facebook page : CLICK here  (please give us a LIKE!)


Not forgetting, food for your guest.. I wanted to cut cost, so i went really cincai with the food. I ordered pizza, fried meehoon mee & my sister volunteered to make curry chicken to eat with the meehoon mee.. :D

So i'm actually really grateful that i had Daniel & Rachel with me to helped me with the setting up and transportation of things to the apartment. really i can never to it alone. SO MUCH GRATITUDE!  haha.. & Also for my sis and her friend Phoebe to come and help out to make the curry chicken. They actually made it within 10 mins. Super efficient  !  hahaha.. :)

THANK YOU, GUYS for helping me with the set up and with all the pre-planning for my birthday. It would not have been such a success without you all.. *wink wink ! hehe.

Will blog about my Part 2 of my birthday celebration soon (hopefully tmr ! haha)...

That's all, hope this post can help you with your birthday/event planning as well. :D
Cheers.. :)

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