Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Relaxing Massage @ Villa Manja, K.L

HELLO!  It's Mid of July already, and my birthday is on the wayy!  Ahhh, I'm so excited, been planning and planning.. Hopefully everything turns out okay, spending so much money and stressing out on so much things. Food, Place and especially the decorations !
Because i was quite stressed out with everything, Rachel ask me whether wanted to go with her to massage session.. Cause she, herself was also really stressed out with work.. Haha..

So i was looking through the Worthy Book (Click here for the review) and i found that Villa Manja was having a buy one free one promo. Since there was both of us, so rachel called and made the booking.. :)
We had a super full and satisfying lunch, and some shopping for my party this sunday. and we headed to K.L around 4 plus.. we were running a little late, cause puasa period.. K.L was really jam during 4 something !
We arrived around 5 plus..

Villa Manja is actually a Bungalow converted into a Spa at the heart of K.L. I'm really surprise such a nice and "zen" place can be found in K.L.. haha..

Selfie first .. haha

My Experience

When we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the lady who works there together with some of the masseuse. & they served us lemon grass ginger tea, which was so relaxing and NICE!  I always look forward to their lemon grass drink when i come massage.. it's like to build you up for the massage ! So much WINS ! hahaha..

My tired and oily face after a whole day out !

with my babe, rachel ! <3 

The Interior

The interior design of the bungalow is super nice, it has this traditional touch to the whole place. Both of us like so samseng, kept praising the place.. Rachel even said, if my house was like this she come my house lepak everyday.. haha.. But seriously if i had the money i would probably hold my party here. haha..

They actually said they rent out their place for parties like, bridal shower, bachelorette parties and etc..

massage bed that was prepared for us.

massage oil :)  i taught it was for us to drink somemore  XD !

Preparing to go start our session :)

This is actually my 3rd time having a massage. I don't really have the time to go do all this relaxing stuff, but it's been so long, i forgotten how good it was.. haha..
The kakak who massage me, is so good with her hands. She gave me enough pressure, not too hard and not too soft.. it was so relaxing, i just didn't wanted to get up from the bed.. 
But there were some awkward moments, cause the lady kinda massage our breast area ! HAHA..
So i was kinda shock and embarrassed.. (yes, eventho i'm kinda flat in the front..) but both of us were wearing those blind folds, so we couldn't see anything.. Not so bad la.. 

If you're wondering about the price :
It was Rm158 per pax (but we had voucher), so it was Rm158 for 2 pax. *wink !
(good thing, i had the my Worthy Book! hehe)

Vila Manja
No.41, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000, K.L, Malaysia


Visit their, Facebook  or email them @ 

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