Sunday, 13 July 2014

Worthy Book Review (2014-2015 Edition)

Hello everyone.. Wonder how's everyone doing ? It's mid of the year already.. and i have been busy and worry about so much things, (come to think about it i don't even know what for.. )  haha..
Anyways, Wanted to do a review of this super hype up Voucher book that everyone has been talking about. It's the Worthy Book.

Have you heard of it ?  Have not, first time seeing this?  It's okay, will mention all the details you need to know about this Awesome and so worthy-to-buy Book.. haha..

Ladies Edition

Basically, Worthy book has come out with a book voucher for consumers to enjoy discounts at their most shopped places. Whether is it, for Food, Clothes, Services (such as, Spa treatment, Pedi & Meni, Waxing, etc..) & Cosmetics/Skin Care ... Worthy Book let's you enjoy your shopping experience at a cheaper price, (or more affordable price la.. )
Besides discounts, that they also have FREE membership, Buy 1 free 1 promo, cash vouchers & many more..

Guess what ?  they even have free Membership to Celebrity fitness. O.O

Worthy consumers also have discounts on MYTEKSI.. You get RM15 if you're a first timer, and RM5 for existing users. How cool is that!

FnB Edition

Similarly with the FnB edition, they have super alot of discounts voucher, buy1 free 1 promo & etc.. for you to enjoy when you dine out. :)
There so many restaurant and cafes for you to choose from, i'm so spoil for choice.
& they are mostly the places that i normally go and have makan-makan.. So i'm really able to save and still eat the food i LOVE !  :D

It's so reasonable, You just pay :
Ladies Edition : Rm25.00
FnB Edition : Rm29.90

You get to enjoy so much discounts and promo ! It's really worth they money !
I would definitely recommend this Worthy Book ! (You will sure use it !! :DD)

Where to find it ?
At your nearest Book Store ( MPH, Popular, Boaders, Times, Kinokuniya, (selective))

Or you can go to the social sites & buy the book on their website :
Webpage :
FB :
Instagram : worthybook
Blog :
Twitter : worthybook_my
Youtube :
e-book :

That's all for now.. :)



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