Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alexis Private Room @ The Gardens

Hello everyone, sorry for not attending to my blog. Been busy it my mini Bakery.. I kinda lost track of time. haha.. Besides baking i'm normally quite free.. So i just wanted to update my blog about Ben's birthday celebration at Alexis @ The Gardens. I'm sure most of you already been there and eaten, taken picture and uploaded all those #foodporn pictures.. But i just wanted to blog about the private room we had the party in.

Hmmmm.. have i got your attention. YES, Alexis has a private room for you to throw parties and small events. Will let you know how is the food and deco and what are the requirement you need if you want to book a place..

The interior 

I'm not too sure whether you notice (if you have been to Alexis in the Gardens) but there actually have a private at the end of the restaurant. it's covered up so you're blocked from public.. 
Even the side door you can close it. So it's very good if you want to have privacy for your celebration. :)

 The Decorations

We had arrange for a small table to be at the corner so that E.A.T could set up a small dessert table.  (PS: if your interested to get a dessert table or birthday cakes for your event do email : to get quotation) 

Btw, before i came to Alexis, i heard there were pretty alot of complains of their service.. things like: waiter don't bother you, and even ordering also takes super long.. But to tell you the truth, there were super good. Service here was EXCELLENT !  There never made us wait, they were all really helpful and were quite alert when we wanted to order. So i would definitely give their service a plus plus !!

FOOD PORN Session !

All the food were really yummy and it didn't took as long as expected. All of us were super hungry cause we were waiting for the Grand entrance of the Birthday Boy ! HAHAHA!  ...

Photo Session

 (daniel trying to hold my tummy in ! HAHAHAH!! )

Classic toothache pose ! XD

I hope many good things in life with head towards you !
& always stay sweet with jia wei ya :D

So continuing the details of the private room, only requirement is that you spend Rm1000 on their food. But we only ate up to RM600+ it was still acceptable. haha.. (i guess no choice la, we already book and finish our food, not like their going to force us to order right.. )  
Ohh, Btw, i think this is quite important, you will be charge extra RM30 if you bring in your own cake. I not too sure what kind of rules is that.. but there is.. :(  

Anyways, just kinda wanted to blog about this, in case your planning a celebration and not sure where to get a private room. 

Here are the details :

Lot F209, 1st Floor,
The Gardens, 
Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, K.L.

Tel : 03-22872281

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Have you E.A.T (edible.adventure.taste) today ?

Monday is a reality day. haha. You spend your weekend filled with activities and Monday comes you have to go back to your normal routine. and then your wondering when is Friday ever going to come.
reason why, Monday is always blue.. haha..

Well, it's not so blue for me i guess, been busy like a bee lately. Baking and starting up my little desert shop. call E.A.T (edible.adventure.taste) . for those of you who follow me on social media, i actually had my first experience opening at a bazaar selling my baked goods. :D

Actually been thinking of opening this business for quite sometime, but it never materialize out. until recently, cause it requires alot of planning and thinking.. and especially support.
But it's not really easy la, i mean baking.. but it's something i enjoy and really look forward to do it in my future.. I guess i crave that sense of fulfilment when someone is satisfied with my baking.. haha (not too sure whether it sounds weird..) But i still need much improvement. I'm still a super newbie at this line, hardly really know the terms for baking (cause i learn everything online.. so please bear with me and also let me know where i can improve..)

Really want to Thank you for all those who came and support me during my event (really appreciate the support, i inside can gam dong until DIE".. HAHA!) Especially my Muscle man, who helped me with all my transportation and staying with me the whole day at the event.. really appreciate it !<3

looking so bright and smart ! ;)

So if you all have any events or party you would like some homemade cupcakes to be present, please dont hesitate to drop E.A.T an email @ :)

GO visit our :
Instagram : @edible.adventure.taste

Happy Monday ! :D

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

L'occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Cream & Gel (50ml) Review.

Hello everyone, how's August so far? Hope it's been treating you well. Been absent with on my blog, But i'm back and super excited to share with you a review of an amazing Hydra moisturizer i've been trying out !
L'occitane latest range, Angelica Hydra Vital Cream & Gel. I'm sure you have heard of L'occitane before, or have seen it in malls.. (to be honest, i recently only found out how to pronounce it !... haha! paiseh, feel like i so dumb blonde! )
L'occitane have created this new range of Skin care call Angelica, which is a plant that can grow really fast because of the exceptional capacity for self-hydration. Which is why L'occitane have choose it to be their hydration range.

So people with combination - dry or super dry skin, i will definitely recommend this moisturizer. Because it's really gentle and soothes the skin.  Because of the plant, Angelica have some moisture when you apply it on your skin it immediately quenches your skin's thirst & provide long lasting hydration.

Besides that, i really love how they seal up the cream, so that it's more hygienic.. 

So you might ask :

Hydra Vital Cream is enriched with angelica seed extract, this cream offers long-lasting moisturization for almost up to 48 hours. It also helps your skin's hydration to boost naturally while revitalizing & protecting it from environment stresses. I tried the cream on first, the hydration for the cream is stronger, so it's not so suitable for my skin cause my skin is combination. So i will recommend people with super dry skin to try the cream one.

Hydra Vital Gel is for intense hydration. Ideal for normal - combination skin. This gel, melts in smoothly, with an instant thirst-quenching effect. It envelopes your skin in freshness & restores radiance & vitality up to 24 hours. The gel is more suitable for my skin, it absorbs so quickly and it doesn't leave that sticky feeling after your application. I love the texture, and because it gel form, it actually have this cooling sensation when you apply.. and the fragrance is not too strong so when you apply on is really relaxing..

My naked face !

You can find this product in any L'occitane store or go to their website :
The pricing for the product is:  Cream (RM184) & Gel (RM163)

No more worries for your dry and dull skin. L'occitane is here to your rescue ! :D

XOXO. <3

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