Sunday, 17 August 2014

Have you E.A.T (edible.adventure.taste) today ?

Monday is a reality day. haha. You spend your weekend filled with activities and Monday comes you have to go back to your normal routine. and then your wondering when is Friday ever going to come.
reason why, Monday is always blue.. haha..

Well, it's not so blue for me i guess, been busy like a bee lately. Baking and starting up my little desert shop. call E.A.T (edible.adventure.taste) . for those of you who follow me on social media, i actually had my first experience opening at a bazaar selling my baked goods. :D

Actually been thinking of opening this business for quite sometime, but it never materialize out. until recently, cause it requires alot of planning and thinking.. and especially support.
But it's not really easy la, i mean baking.. but it's something i enjoy and really look forward to do it in my future.. I guess i crave that sense of fulfilment when someone is satisfied with my baking.. haha (not too sure whether it sounds weird..) But i still need much improvement. I'm still a super newbie at this line, hardly really know the terms for baking (cause i learn everything online.. so please bear with me and also let me know where i can improve..)

Really want to Thank you for all those who came and support me during my event (really appreciate the support, i inside can gam dong until DIE".. HAHA!) Especially my Muscle man, who helped me with all my transportation and staying with me the whole day at the event.. really appreciate it !<3

looking so bright and smart ! ;)

So if you all have any events or party you would like some homemade cupcakes to be present, please dont hesitate to drop E.A.T an email @ :)

GO visit our :
Instagram : @edible.adventure.taste

Happy Monday ! :D

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