Monday, 22 September 2014

Body Waxing with Phoenix Wax Hauz

Hi everyone. It's almost October already !  So fast, time really flies, & it's going to be 2015 soon. Hopefully all of you have been doing something, don't later regret didn't do anything in 2014. haha..

Anyways, wanted to update my blog about my visit to Phoenix Wax Hauz begining of the month. Yes, beautifying myself. Recently just did my eyebrow embroidery now doing waxing. hehe..
hope you all are interested, and those who are looking for a good place to do waxing, i would recommend this place. 

Okay, to get started. I've schedule an appointment with them to do waxing on my underarm and legs. Yes, legs. I've been neglecting them for so long, can't even remember the last time my legs was hairless ! haha.. yes, i'm a hairy woman (well, there's a saying that hairy people are more beautiful XD... js kidding..)  


Just so you know, they don't call it wax hauz for nothin'.. haha.. Yes, it's at a house located in Sri Hartamas, but inside the interior of this hauz is amazing, Very classy and spacious..

Sorry, but i kinda forgot to take a picture of the consultation area, i was only able to take picture of the waxing room. So nice right, it's so pinkish.. ahhh, feels so relaxing once i came in to the room.

Everything is already set up for you, where to hang your clothes after you have change into a towel.


Before starting, they will ask you fill up this consultation form, is just to know whether you have allergic skin or any sort of skin problem. Just in case they need to have extra precaution. :)  I'm all good, and ready to do my waxing ! 

Waxing time

Well, before starting they will provide this foot spa to relax you and prepare you for the WAXING!  haha.. i'm just scaring you. Everyone have that mind set that waxing is painful. But now with all sort of equipment, the pain is bearly there.. really, i'm not kidding. 

Yes, they don't double dip ! XD

taking a selfie while the lady was helping remove my underarm hair ! SPOTLESS underarm soon await me ... haha..

Actually this is my first time, waxing my underarm. I usually pluck it.. it's actually not recommended. Cause when you pluck it, the skin around your underarm area will be loose and you will have a little chicken butt on your underarm.. (sadly to say, i already have it.. T.T) Not only that, it also will cause you to have ingrown. (which is, hair that underneath your skin...ewh !)  

 Step one : They apply the wax on your body part..& allow the wax to cool a little..

 Tapping it down. 

& then she will just pull the wax off.. it's painless. I kinda slept through the process.. haha.. 

& now it's time for my leg waxing.. 

 Leg and underarm waxing is slightly different, Leg they use soft wax & hard wax for underarm. Usually , places which are sensitive they will use hard wax because is less pain and is easy to remove the hair (that's why is a little more pricey.. ) Where else, the soft wax is for part which are less sensitive like leg, hands.. etc.. 

 After applying on the soft wax.. 

 sticking on the tape.. (i was actually quite nervous, cause you usually see TV shows it's always like super pain when they tape it off.. haha!)

But it was like an ant bite.. really it's not really painful.. haha.. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF HAIR ON MY LEG ! my gawd..

LEFT haven't wax | RIGHT done waxing

She really did a good job, my leg feels so smooth after the waxing ! 

Waxing Menu

 Brazilian waxing.. 

 Body waxing

Promotion :

FOR FIRST TIMERS : You immediately get a 30% off on all waxing and a door gift.
YOU BRING A FRIEND : automatically you will get 20% off on your waxing 
TUESDAY : 30% off on Underam Waxing. 

So hurry and do your appointment now :

49, Jalan 35/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, K.L

Bella - 012-2396280


Hello kawan-kawanku.. haha. I just receive good news from Phoenix Wax Hauz ! I will be giving out 12 waxing vouchers worth Rm30 to try out their waxing !  ISN'T GOOD ?!   

It's super easy and simple:

Step 1 : Like their Facebook Page Phoenix Wax Hauz
Step 2: Leave a comment below, " why do you want to wax? " 

YAYYYYYY! Can't wait to make my next appointment ! Cheers, Sweeties..
(Btw, Phoenix Wax Hauz only do waxing for female. Sorry guys.. )

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