Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Departure Lounge @ Damansara Uptown

FOOD REVIEW ! Been catching up with my blogging.. Been quite free lately so been going around to cafes to try out coffees.. I'm was never really into coffee but once i started drinking it.. it's actually quite nice :D hehe..

So i hate a date with my High school friend mei harn, who actually wanted to try The GOOD Batch which was also in Uptown. But unfortunately it was close, but no worries, we saw Departure Lounge was nearby, so we gave it a try since both of us haven't tried it before. :D

(They have a wide selection of Breakfast on their menu, best part is all day long ! :D)

 Mei harn ordered the pancake tower. (which was served with blueberry jam and banana.)
The pancake was not very fluffy & there left the banana skin on.. (maybe it's a culinary style? but kinda dislike it.. haha.. )

Accompany with her pancakes was a passion fruit soda (i think.. forgotten the name.. opss)

 I ordered their Flat White (cause i don't really like to sugary drinks)  it was not bad, not to strong the coffee taste which was quite suitable for me. :)

& i ordered the Grilled Chicken (with sweet potatoes fries.) which was really nice ! i really like the mushrooms that was top on the chicken ! BEST !

Had an amazing chatty session Meiharn, we were actually class mates for two years. We weren't really close, but i didn't know we had so many things to talk about ! haha.. Really look forward to meet her again .. Such a great company.. :)

& on top of that she's also a perfectionist when it comes to take photo.. haha..

Here are some shots she took for me.. 

Nice right the shots that she took ! :D THANK YOU MY DEAR !  next time we go out my turn to help you snap pictures ! hehehe... 

Departure Lounge
10, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya,


Working hours:
Mon - Sat : 8am - 7pm
Sun - PH : 8am - 5pm (close on Tuesday)

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