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First Experience: Eyebrow Embroidery

HELLO HELLO.. Rise & shine ! :D Been having so much free time lately, i taught i just use this time to update my blog with all the things that i have been up to last month.. Since i have also been slacking in updating my blog. Hope you guys are still here with me.. hehe.. I promise to be more active. *pinky swear..

Anyways, this post will be doing on my first experience of eyebrow embroidery. It's call 3d eyebrow embroidery, cause it's done in a way that it looks like there is eyebrow hair but it's actually not.. (like a 3D effect..)

I've been actually seeing many people on instagram doing their eyebrow and i was really interested.. but when i see the price.. like so expensive.. then i will just forget it. Cause most of the place is like RM700, RM890, there was one that i saw was RM1200!  so expensive le.. It's like month of someone basic salary.. Wahhh, i just quit my job.. i not money to pay ady ! HAHA!

Then I saw Chenelle Wen posted on her instagram that she did her eyebrow embroidery.. but i didn't contact her straight away, (cause in my mind was, if she sponsred so famous blogger, SURE EXPENSIVE ... hahha.. )  after awhile, i was passing some cakes to Chenelle and when i saw her in person it looks so natural..
So i (sudah beh tahan ) contacted Emily sam, which is the beautician for eyebrow_embroidery_3D & ask her the pricing.. To my suprised, it was only RM480 ! YES, RM480 !  & on top of that she actually travels to your hse to do it. She makes it so convenient for you and such an affordable price !

Q&A :

How and what is the procedure ? 

Well, first, She will use a Eyebrow pencil to draw the shape of the eyebrow and let you see whether is it suitable and whether you like the shape before she start doing the embroidery..  (if you're wondering embroidery is not tattoo, its just long lasting body art.. )
She basically uses this sharp object to slowly color the skin area of your brows..

Is embroidery like tattoo?

No, its not. There is a difference, Tattoo stays on your body forever, but for embroidery if after 1-2 years it will start to fade and you will need to go touch up.
I know some of you might worry, what if i do then fade and become like faded red or (even worst, GREEN!) HAHA.. yes, i had the same question.. Well, to release you from anxiety, Emily's Eyebrow Embroidery is like a treatment.. As time goes by the color of your eyebrow will fade to a lighter shade and ultimately becoming back your own skin color. So in the future, you decide not to have anymore embroidery, you can choose to leave it and it will become back your original skin tone or maybe just the outline of your eyebrow.. It will not fade to red or green color.. :D  (isn't it wonderful !!)

Is it painful ?

hmmmm.. Well, it really depends, on each individual.. haha. But i will have to say 1 out of 10.. The pain level for me would be 4-5.. haha.. It's only in the beginning after that it becomes slightly numb and you can hardly feel anything. But the pain is bearable.. Nothing you can't handle. (Well, as they say no pain no gain.. )

How long does it last?

It depends on how you take care of it, But estimate, 1-2 years to do your next touch up..
After she done with your embroidery, after a month you will need to schedule again with Emily to do a touch up session so that the color will remain on your eyebrow.. Then after that it will tahan up to 1-2 year.. :)

How long does it take to heal ?

About 3-4 days. Initially when when you just done it, you will look like Crayon Shin Chan.. Super thick eyebrow. But after 3-4 days, your dead skin will come off and then it will look more natural. So not too worry if once you done it, it will look super unnatural. haha.. It's suppose to be like that..

Before & After

Here's my before picture.. Didn't know that my eyebrows were so light.. haha
(I always taught i draw it too thick.. ><)

An After picture right after i done my Eyebrow... Naked & puffy face!
(I actually send this picture to let Chenelle see my brows.. & also to thank her.. XD)

This is a picture after 3 days of my eyebrow.. 
(yes, is still quite stiff, but the dead skin is starting to peel off..)

TADAAAA, after 5 days !  Here's my Cookie monster picture.. featuring my eyebrows! XD
(The dead skin have been fully removed, and it looks so natural.. i really love it.. Btw, i didn't draw my eyebrow at all.. Nice? )

I always have a problem with my eyebrow, sometime i draw it too thick and sometimes to thin.. & i used to have a piecing on my eyebrow, so that's why i have a scar on my left side of my eyebrow.. Even how i cover with eyebrow pencil, it's still quite obvious..  After, doing embroidery i can hardly see the scar anymore.. and Emily did such a good job.. I really love it !!
That's reason why i'm writing this review on my blog.. she did not only a good job with my eyebrow, she is also very friendly and patient with her customers.. 

Well, if you like my eyebrows.. Do check out their Instagram Account, Emily actually post all her customers before & after so you can see all pictures and decide on your own whether you like it or not.. :D

Even all the famous bloggers, like Chenelle, ChanWon, Vicky Bobo, also did their eyebrow embroidery by Emily.. So she quite reliable. *wink.. 


Eyebrow embroidery package (RM480) includes:

1 Eyebrow embroidery
1 touch up session (after a month)

If you're interested, you can contact her through:

Username : Emilyn Sam

Hope you ladies, find this post to be informative. 
If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.. I will try my best to reply your question ! :D

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