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Hello, HUMANS ! haha.. How was the holiday yesterday?  Feels like monday again? sure hope it doesn't.. Don't worry hang in there, another few more days you will be free !
Well, will be posting a blog post of this Awesome Cinema experience at Indulge @ TGV 1 Utama. Many thanks to Indulge for having us bloggers there to experience it. & also to the Butterfly Projects for organizing such an amazing event. (they always spoil us, butterflies ... so lucky to be one ! :D)

To start off, the arrival of all the bloggers. & in case you're not sure where it is, you can just ask the information counter, where is TGV cinema, & look for a corner nearby the popcorn counter then you will see The huge word Indulge ! :D

Everyone was mingling while waiting for the event to start. Its been so long since i participated in Butterfly's event, it was so nice to see all the usual butterflies again. & also got to catch up with some of them.. <3


Besides, Indulge being the main sponsor-er, they had also MUSE by Waston. They actually displayed their latest product called "Indeed" which was actually not up on the shelf yet. So we were one of the few lucky peeps to use their products ! (see, i told you that Tammy always spoils us ! hehehe...)

There were a few products to choose from.. But i chose the FADE TO BRIGHT one, cause i have dullness & dark spots ! (haha, kinda obvious.. )

Well, i've been using it for almost a week now, its not too bad, it absorbs really quickly so it doesn't leave on the oily texture on my skin (which i LOVE!)... But i kinda don't like the smell, maybe it suppose to be like that, cause it seems like a natural based product. But overall the product seems to be helping my freckles and dark spots.. so hopefully in a few weeks time i will be able to see the drastic change ! O.O hahaha..

Dining Experience

Now it's time to EAT ! hehe.. Super hungry.. Not only we were going to watch a movie, Indulge also prepared for us a nice fine dining experience at the restaurant which is located right outside the cinema. So you want ajak your gf for movie, no need stress to find a place to eat.. just bring her here, everything is included already ! *wink... haha

Say hello to the lovely ladies on our table.. :D  (oh ya, btw, it's been awhile for me and my sister to catch up as well , cause she's really busy with work. It was also quite good, so we had some bonding session as well.. ) We were really chatty on our table, and really enjoy miriam & yuh jiun  company.. :)  (even tho, yuh jiun keep on zat me.. -.-)  hahahha.. but we really had fun..

These was the food that was serve to us ! YUMS in my TUMS ! O.O  cannot not fat.. haha.. #i'mlivingthegoodlife ! haha..

The food was really good, and the service was really top notch. They were really attentive, even tho we were bloggers and not paying customers, they treat us really well and there were really helpful. 

Striking a pose with my meats ! HAHA ! XD
(love this platter, they served us 3 different types of meat on one plate, which was super yummy and filling.. )


123 Cheese

There also had 123 cheese to do the photobooth for the event. Ah.. i always look forward to these photobooth.. always can take these instant shots and they also provide so many different types of props for us to use.. LOVE IT.. <3

All the shots are so nice right ? haha.. some more they actually cuztomise a Instagram layout for the butterfly projects,, so much love for it. i wanted to do it for my birthday this year, but i was too broke and had a budget.. T.T so sad. But nvm, at lease get to experience it during the event. I'm super happy already.. hehe..

Movie time

And the best part of the whole event, is MOVIE TIME. 29 butterflies were invited to watch the movie LUCY, which was a movie about how powerful is our human brain, and how many percentage of it we really using.. 
It's an awesome movie, with fully loaded action scenes ( my kind of movie, even tho my sis said it was okay only, I think it's awesome ! hahaha.. )

haha.. anyways, getting back to the cinema. Yes, this is my first time experiencing such a luxuries cinema.. Usually is just like normal sitting, like air asia flights.. haha.. But when your in Indulge, it's like your flying first class on Cathay Pacific ! O.O  (if you don't know what it feels like, come to Indulge ! >< HAHA!)

 Popcorn & dessert was provided for us to ejoy with our Movie. :D

 Selfie with sister. <3

us. getting all cuddly with their plush chairs & comfy comforters ! 

I really recommend people who are looking for a comfortable experience in the cinema to visit Indugle @ TGV. It's so comfortable and the price is not too bad, RM45 per person. Okay la ~
okay ma, guys want to bring their gf's along.. some more if cold you no need remove your jacket for her, got blanket provided. haha..

On top of that, TGV also have this Movie Club for all movie fanatics to join.
It's really simple, just apply with a membership fee of RM28.

What you enjoy :

Welcome Freebie (2 complimentary movie passes, regular popcorn set)
Birthday freebies (2 complimentary movie passes, regular popcorn set during your birthday month)
Exclusive invites to movie premieres & screenings
Members- only advance ticketing privilege
Latest updates & Newsletter

Indugle, TGV 

EZ101, 3rd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800, K.L

1 300 222 TGV (848)

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