Wednesday, 3 September 2014

NANA Green Tea @ The Gardens

YES LADIES! DESSERT and FOOD POST ! hehe.. Eyes open very wide alright.. !  I think may of you have been or seen others check in to the heaven like place, called Nana Green Tea.
If you haven't been to this place yet, no fear i will include in all the details and how much goodness your missing out ! haha.. That's if your a green tea lover ! ( which i am.. i can die in green tea..  LOVE everything about it... HAHA!)

So after the Sony workshop, i made new friends. So we found out that Jenny's birthday was on that coming week. So we decided to have a date to celebrate her birthday at Midvalley. Some of us haven't tried Nana Green Tea before, so we decided to go there.. :D

Btw, Nana Green Tea don't only serve dessert they main courses as well.. But of cause, they are famous for their desserts ! :D  haha.. everyone come here, sure must order their dessert.. If not really no point for you to come here makan.

to start off, we order their Hoji Cha for me, Aeries & Charis. cause we were the earliest to arrive. haha.. We were waiting for Jenny & Angelica to come.. So we chit chat and drank our Cha.. until we were super hungry.. haha!  Cause Angelica & Jenny took almost 40 mins to arrive.. Three of us decided to just order and started eating cause we were really hungry !

I ordered their Salmon Sashimi (RM18.80)  
(I'm a SASHIMI LOVER.. Japanese food is LOVE! The Sashimi is quite fresh so i really love it and would recommend ! :D)

 Charis ordered the Wakame Tamago Udon (RM15.80)

Aeries ordered.... a bowl of udon (which i forgotten the name and price.. HAHA!)

We eat like super slow cause we were waiting for Jenny & Angelica to come.. We ate finish our dinner only they arrived. haha ! But thank goodness they were in time for last call.. :D

 Angelica ordered the Chicken Cutlet Curry (RM16.80)

& Jenny ordered the Locomoco Hamburger (RM20.80)

Last but not least we ordered Our main course ! XD  A green tea Parfait (RM18.80) 
SUPER DUPER YUMMY.. But it we were quite full from dinner.. so we all ordered 1 to share.. 

Hope you have a wonderful year ahead and many many good things will come your way ! :D

(Angelica, Me, Jenny, Charis & Aerisk)

Happy birthday again , sweet heart. 
Be happy always ya ! <3

NANA's Green Tea

The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City, K.L
LOT 231A, LG Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, K.L

Tel: 03-23866036

Business Hour
Mon- Sun  (10am - 10pm)

Facebook page : Nana's Green Tea

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