Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sony Alpha Workshop in Melaka

Hello everyone. Hope everything is great on your end. September is here and soon the end of the 2014 will be here. So i hope you guys who haven't done anything for 2014 you still have another few more months, grab any opportunity you have to chase after your dreams.. hehe.

Anyways, that aside. Wanted to blog about my trip to Melaka in August to attend Sony's Alpha Workshop. This is my first time attending a MHB event.. So i was really nervous and excited.. hehe..
Being new at somewhere, i'm always kinda afraid i wont fit in.. but surprisingly it turn out pretty good. But i will go in details later.. :D

The workshop is a two days one night in Melaka. & Sony have organize various type of photo shooting exercise for participants to learn new Technics and adjustment to their DSLR / Semi-pro.
We were told not to bring any camera's just our SD card, because camera's will be given to us throughout the workshop. (so less one thing to bring.. hehe..)
It took us about 2 and half hours to arrive to Melaka from K.L. When we arrive, We were given our room keys and Sony shirts to change into & of cause our Super Pro Cameras to play around.. hehe.

Selfie without flip screen ! hahaha..
(Say hi to my new friend, Angelica.. She's super cute and friendly!)

All six of us with our Sony Alpha ! 
(from top: Aeries, Angelica, me, Charis, jia yeen, jenny)

Food Photography

The first exercise on our itinerary is Food photography. They had a professional to teach us how to take pictures of food abstract..   This course is really suitable for those professionals who wants to take really detailed pictures of their food.

They have setup a station for us to take our pictures..

Isn't it amazing, it looks like a X-ray picture of the ladies finger. Didn't know that we could take shots like this. I thought usually people take then edit with photoshop or use other devices to get shots like this.. O.O

Flash Photography

For our Flash photography course, we visited the Living Museum in Melaka. It's one of the oldest museum that people actually still lives in. People who stay they are grand children or great grand children of the historical people in Melaka. (So sorry, i not too sure what are their names.. )

In conjunction with Merdeka, they had arrange for the grandfather & his grandsons to wave our Malaysia Flag.

While waiting for everyone to take pictures, girls being girls.. We found a nice green patch of grass to take pictures.. HEHE!   for your info, all the pictures are taken by a Sony Alpha and non of them are edited in any way.. nice horr.. 

Bridal photo shooting 

 The last course of today is the Bridal photo shooting. We traveled to jonker street to do the shooting. The workshop is really good cause Sony have organize it in a way that it's very detailed for every photographer to learn and improve their skills. They had the whole place set up with spot lights and bride and groom models for us to take pictures of.

After finishing the shoot we had a little time to walk around jonker street .. but only 30 mins.. so maybe one lane only ! HAHA!

That's all for this post. If you're a professional photographer and want to improve your photo taking skills i definitely recommend you to consider to attend Sony's workshop..  Btw, if your wondering, this picture is taken by Sony Alpha A5100 . it's their latest model ! :D



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