Friday, 24 October 2014

Garage 51, Bandar Sunway

Hello hello ! been cafe hopping recently with some friends but never really got a chance to update my blog about the cafes. So here is one of the amazing cafe i been hopping too..
I'm sure most people have already heard of Garage 51. Especially those sunway students.. Sunway students are so freaking lucky, there have so many cafe nearby.. Can't wait to try all of them !

But anyways, let's start with this one first... hehe..



I really love their interior it's really vintage garage feel.. Cause their furniture are really cool. Cause they use tongs and they have wooden table.. Good for taking pictures ! HAHA..
I kinda assume they called in Garage 51 is because the area is fully packed with Car garage for servicing cars.. so i think that's why..?  haha.. maybe la. If you know why, maybe can let me know.. haha..


 This is one of their Daily Specials.. 
I kinda forgot the name, but there is Quinoa, baked eggs and meatballs.. :D
(It's not bad, but i was actually looking forward to order their baked eggs.. haha!)

 Awesome Garage Breakfast  (RM19)

 Flat White (RM8.90)

Oreo Cheesecake ( RM9.90)

The food was really delicious and the coffee was good ! I would definitely recommend you to come to this place.. it have a really good environment and i would have to say their service was really good. Their staff there are really friendly and cheerful.. So i think for me that's is really a plus if the staff are friendly.. Cause i super hate to go have good food, but then their staff are very cocky ! haha..

But that's just me.. So yes, haven't been to Garage 51?  Should definitely pay them a visit !

here's my lunch buddy for today, Ms yuyin !
(thanks for accompanying me!  have a good chit chat session with you.. :D)

So nice ho the lighting ! :D

 here's my OOTD shot..

Credits to the lady in the Mirror ! (Or reflection.. hahaha!)

Garage 51
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway,

Working Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday (11am-11pm)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bollywood Professional @ Muse by Watson

Hello !! I'm finally back from my getaway. Now finding the time to complete my blog post about an event i attended last month. Firstly, would like to thank you The Butterfly Project and Muse for having this collaboration for us Butterflies to attend. :D

Before, i begin. If you are looking for something reliable & lont lasting you should definitely stick around to finish this post. hehe..

Bollywood Skin Care & Cosmetics 

Bollywood Makeup is one of the top cosmetics brand for Bollywood artist. Bollywood Professional have had a number of outlets open in Malaysia already and Muse will be one of the outlet who will be holding their products. They have a wide range of products not only cosmetics, skin care, they also have fragrance and many other beauty related tools.

Besides that, Bollywood Professional are full with nourishing vitamins & minerals so that when you apply the make up is not harsh to your skin. Not only that it help your skin to heal in the process.. How amazing is that right.. it's like a skin care & makeup together. & it have an amazing finishing..

It is said that it's so long lasting is because Bollywood actor & actress have to work under bright powerful lighting for several hours so their makeup will have need to be as long lasting as possible.

We were to honored to have the Brand Principal to supervise during our Make over session and help explain to us about Bollywood products..

Look at my curious face ! XD hahahhaha..

The highlight of the whole event is their AMAZING Liquid Lipstick. :D

Here's my before and after photo from my make over.. How do you like my lips? 

Look at the amazing amount of lipsticks color 
(Courtesy of Jennifur's hand ! *winkkk haha.. )

Bollywood Liquid Lipstick have a really creamy texture. Even tho i don't normally like to wear lipsticks, cause i it will remove really quickly after awhile.. haha.. But after apply this, after drinks and food, the color is really long lasting and its really good !

Types of color :
Code Red
Pumpkin Spice 
Electric Pink 
Electric Taffy
Mink Pink 
Brown Sugar
Wild Orchid
Electric Coral
Razz Dance 
Cherry Bomb
Just bitten

See after awhile it looks really natural & i really like it ! :D
(Just so you know i'm using Electric Taffy)

 Photo session with butterflies

 with cutie Jenny

Met with this sweetie, Carinn, she's super slim (envy ~) 

 A pic with the super funny Jennifur & Janice.. :D

 With awesome babe, Caroline 

 With pretty babe, Asriek

last but not least, the Amazing Mama-san (Tammy)

If you want to know more:

Bollywood Professional

Muse by Waston:

The Butterfly Projects:

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Big breakfast (homemade Recipe)

Well, Been rotting at home so  much lately.. Spending my time measuring tiles in my house. It's a terrible feeling.. Awhhh, Really been so on the down low.. Well, just need to keep myself occupied right.. So here are just some recipes i taught i just share with you on my blog..
Nothing too difficult, It's sort of healthy and also it very east to make ! :D

Well, we will start with the Avacado pancake topped with hard boiled eggs  & pesto sauce.

Pancake Recipe :

1 cup milk
1 egg
1 flour (white/wholemeal)
1 Tbspn baking powder

Beat the Milk & Egg first then add in the flour & baking powder.
Super easy right !

Then just chopped up some avacado. (*note: please make sure your avacado is fully riped before slicing in, it's a terrible feeling to eat a unripe avacado... hahhaha! Yes, seriously... it's horible!)

Boil 2 eggs until cook for 8-9 mins.

Pesto Sauce

2 Tbspn of Pesto
1 Tbspn Sour Cream

Just mix it & your done ! (i got store bought pesto on hand.. if you want to blend your avacado with the sour cream or healthier choice, yogurt , you can do that as well.. it's really up to you.. :D)

Taddaaaaa.. simple right !
Enjoy.. :D

This is actually a smoothie base..
I drink smoothie almost every morning, so today i had some special fruits on hand so i taugh i give my food some photo shooting.. haha

For the beetroot smoothie:
1/2 beetroot
1 stalk celery
1 apple (green/red)
1 banana
1 cup orange juice (fresh) (please dont use store bought.. it contains high amount of sugar.. you don't need it..)

Blend everything together.. :D & your ready to do the deco.


Fresh avacodo, strawberries, grapes
Yogurt (greek/full cream)

Put it on top.. however you want it and your done ! :D

Hope you guys are not as free as me.. rotting at home doing nothing, but if you are here is something to do.. hahah ! eating clean also can be yummy and pretty ! hehe..

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