Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa, Krabi Trip (Part 1)

Hi Everyone, (OMGGG, my eye bad look massive ! was busy with baking for that weekend and only had 4 hours of sleep, pardon me! ) how is everyone doing lately?  It's already November, and year end is just around the corner.. Ahhh, Another year have pass, hopefully to complete all my pending list before the new year starts.. haha.. But anyway, i'm not sure most of you who know.. I recently just got back from my Krabi Trip.. It was my first time, going to Krabi.. and i was really excited..
It was kinda our first getaway as a couple.. (yes, being together for more than 6 years.. and this is our first trip.. XD)

We never ever taught of going travelling together, cause we were broke for one.. and going overseas seem like more what grown ups would do or usually will go with family.. But we are kinda grown up ourselves and sort of earning of own money.. ("sort off " ya.. haha) & since Daniel was in the good mood to spend some money.. haha.
So he ask me to check flights on airasia and see whether is there anything reasonable within his budget.. haha.. & yes of cause there was ! (Seriously, Thank god for airasia, if not i think everyone is overpaying for flight tickets !)

So here are the details for our visit.. It was RM1154.78 only for 2 person include flight and hotel !  For 4 days 3 night stay.. This is like one of those times, when you jump for joy cause it's like super cheap. Sorry to say this, it's actually cheaper to travel overseas than going to your local island.. haih.. sad isn't it.. Owh well..

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

I was really excited to see how the resort looks like, cause i was the one who did all the booking and planning so and He did all the paying.. So i kinda hoped it was like the pictures shown on their site. haha..
We had an early morning flight, so we reached to Krabi Airport at 7.45am.

Taking transport to your hotel, will cause you a bomb. So read this if you're gonna travel to Krabi anytime soon.

When we touch down, it was our first time. So looking around, (the airport super small.. like 2 coffee shop big only.. haha) there was a taxi service that offer taxi rides directly to your hotel for 2,300 bath. Which is about Rm230 ! OMG ! RM230 !! You must be joking !! Crazyyy mehhh..
Then i taught since our check in time at 2pm, why don't just go Krabi Town to jalan jalan.. It only cost 90 bath (rm 9) to take a bus from airport to Krabi Town. It was an hour ride to town, while sitting in the bus, we ask one of the local lady where can we get a ride to our Hotel which was another 2 hours ride from Krabi Town... (yeap, 2 hours.. )
She said when we reach Krabi Town we can transfer to a Mini Van which will take you directly to your Hotel which only cost 400 bath (RM40) we save so much more than sitting a taxi !

Btw, the Mini Van is some posh mini van.. so don't worry it comfortable and airconed.. haha.


The room was spacious and comfortable ! and really lovely.. It even have a Balcony facing the ocean. 

Breakfast Buffet

You might think you come travelling is a waste of money paying a little extra for breakfast.. But you're wrong !! if you're going to stay at Crown Lanta, you should Must definitely have their breakfast.. For me, when it comes to travelling i will expect eating rubbish food and like super cheat meal at odd hours.. Holiday ma.. Can't diet during holiday right ! hahhaa..
But the Breakfast at Crown Lanta, was my type of breakfast !!

I'm a fruits lover and they serve fruits like nobody business ! hahaha..

they have a Grill section where you can order all of the above !

Cold slices available as well. :D

Heaven of fruits !! 

 Variety of Bread and pastries selection !

Fresh Pancake and waffle are available as well :D

The Highlight of all, Fresh blended fruit juice ! No sugar added !  OMGGGG.. plus plus for this breakfast !! ( Daniel wanted to slap my face, cause i kept repeating how good was this breakfast throughout the 3 meals we had there !!... hahahahha)


You not only get to have an amazing breakfast the view from the breakfast place was amazing ! 

Good morning Selfie ! Z.Z

haha, Daniel kept saying he could do a coffee art for me and how easy it was.. 


opsss.. Nothing ! XD 

Our breakfast.. hehe
(big breakfast indeed !)

my own creation, Banana waffle with chocolate syrup !  (*cheat meal gao gao !)

Swiming Pool

Yes, we needed to sit the catty from the lobby to our room. Cause the Resort is just too damn BIG !

steps to the beach... 
(sorry, i can't seem to find the pictures of the beach.. so here are the steps..)

The private beach is not so much of a beach, if you want nicer beach you should just walk out of the resort next door have a huge beach awaiting you.. haha.. 

THEIR SERVICE is EXCELLENT ! Very Helpful staff and super friendly !  

That's all for my Review of this amazing Resort.. Please stay tune, will update our Island hopping and activities during our trip soon ! :D

Crown Lanta Hotel & Resort 
315, Moo 1 Saladan, Ko Lanta, Krabi, 81150, Thailand

Tel: 66 (75) 626999
Fax: 66 (75) 668351

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