Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Aesthetic education with IDO's Clinic

Hello again ! Yes second post for today, just wanted to do some blog catching up.. haha.
Last month i was honored to be invited to IDO's Clinic in Puchong Setia Walk to attend a mini education talk on Aesthetic procedures. Cause it's so in trend now right, everyone is getting one. from your eyes, to your skin, or even slimming..
So it's really an eye opener for me, cause i have taught about it, but never really wanted it cause in my mind it's like mini surgery.. haha.. So like quite scary right..

the talk was host by Dr. Lucas one of the Medical Directors of IDO's Clinic. His really funny and entertaining.. He explain to us how have technology advance to a level that you don't need to go under a blade to have plastic surgery, with it maybe just a quick and almost painless procedure and at a minimal recovery days, you will be able to achieve your desire beauty..
Wahhh, sounds tempting right?
Dr. Lucas actually gave us see, the difference with plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures..
So why is Aesthetic procedures are better to plastic surgery:
1) As i mention earlier, it almost painless during the procedure and probably feel the sore after  the procedure.
2) It's fast, the procedures are probably 30-45 mins.. or sometimes even 15 mins. (go lunch break and come back with a new set of eyes !XD)
3) and compare with plastic surgery the recovery days are less, you probably take up to a week to recover from the procedures..

So after the talk, they actually gave a life demo on their procedures. to show us how safe and quick the procedure was and how painless it is..
They first did a demo on skin laser. Which was done by Dr. Joslyn , she actually gave us try the sensation of the laser on our hands, it's kind of like mini ants bite..

& also nose filter.. this one, i abit scared la.. cause it's a needle up your nose. haha..
But hor, you can really see the immediate effect after she insert the filter ! the before and after is amazing !!

& of cause there have all qualify doctors to do the procedures and FDA-approved & clinically approved technology to do the procedures..

To end all, i went back with much knowledge of Aesthetic procedures and probably get a better view of these procedures. :)
Thank you IDO's Clinic for having me.

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