Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Kracie x Butterfly Kawaii Haircare Launch !

Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing good and happy and merry for the year end. Just wanted to blog today about a Butterfly event i attended not too long ago. Sorry been on snoozing on my social media, promise to update it about my travelling post soon ! *wink...
But anyways, getting back to the post.

I'm not too sure whether you have heard of Kracie before, but it's actually a well-known (popular) product in Japan. Because it so HOT in Japan, i think that's why they decided to come and launch it in Malaysia.. (only the best for Malaysian.. mmm hmmm!  haha!)
Kracie is introducing in their launch their Ichikami, haircare line & Hadabisei skincare line. It provide such a wide selection of products.. I see until my eyes also blind ady! haha..
When i first arrive to the event, i saw so many products lying around was in paradise land ady !!

In conjunction with Halloween, Kracie and the Butterfly Project made it a Halloween Kawaii Themed. So kawaii right, i dressed like a japanese school student for the theme.. but horr, end up i was one of the only people with a costume... haha.. But it was okay la, thank goodness i didn't go too over..

Yes, i told you there were alot of products lying around for us to test and try on our hair !  This was one of the product that caught my eye, it's actually a hair cologne.. (girls, having a smelly hair day?  Ichikami will solve your problem.. haha)

 Ichikami Full haircare series
(there have a full set of Shampoo, Conditional to hair styling products... )

Moist care series

Smooth Care series

Kracie Ichikami Hair Oil,
It's rich with natural ingredients such like, Camelia, Waltnut seed, Rice germ, Sesame seed & rice bran. It helps to repair damaged and dry hair.. (*thumbs up for this if you are looking something for damaged hair.. )

Volunteer to test out their haircare product.. from my long straight hair to curly. 
Their product makes my hair so much more easier to curl and it doesn't look dry and damaged after curling. and the plus point it smells like HEAVEN! hahhaa.. 

& also a demo on how and the function of their moisturizing face mask series.

Had an amazing time at the event with great food, beauty products and surrounded with amazing butterflies. (what more can i ask for ?)

Tadaaa, my curly hair is all done. Really LOVE it !!

& of cause photo session with all the beautiful butterflies.. Always have a good time at Butterfly events.. Like always, Tammy always spoil us with good venue and amazing products to review ! 

So excited to hear that Kracie is finally in Malaysia now, go grab your suitable haircare and skincare product in selective Aeon Wellness ! :D

The Butterfly Projects & Kracie for having me at this awesome event ! <3

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